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The bob mcdonald's is still mcgraw sam you're listening to the bombing bones sherwin of eight you know we started the show two and a half hours ago and we started the show with uh twenty were dead and hundreds were injured i woke up to two dead and they didn't know how many were injured friday now i'm just headline is fits the deadliest mass shooting in us history at least fifty dead two hundred plus are injured and i and my fear and the reality is that number will probably go up and it was the route ninety one parvez festival it was in las vegas of his right it was on the strip this happened last night we were there for the festival we played it saturday night so not saying nazi feel sorry for us but just the you know the context of we were there we saw like we we know what it was and the the news is asking the earlier if i felt safe cory i felt very safe it wasn't someone who was on the crowd who ended a shooting people it was someone who had thought it out and climbed up a hotel we went in the elevator and took his weapons and found a spot and like a coward just started shooting down here's a witness apparently i was hiding in jerusalem and then and then with done the shooting stop i peaked out the front of the door peaked my head out police officer screamed go co and i rallied everybody out of that room and we ran toward the.

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