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Can have a blizzard. But anyway i made a joke earlier on social media comparing our governor greg abbott to snow miser It all makes sense the snowstorm the way he is screwing everything up and that got that song stuck in my head like in a loop. I was at work today and and so much to wear on instagram. It actually got traction like. I got plenty of people liking the pros. And even people commenting i was like. Wow this really head. I guess snow miser is everything. Yeah it'd be. it's a fun movie. I i really do like those All bozon christmas films It's that's not what we're talking about gaming guys gave me lot start with something that is very uplifting so i got a review key for those game called viola and i. I got the subtitle of it wrong. The the heroine's journey. I keep calling him a heroin. It said a a dose of drugs as but know what this is abou a low girl name. Biolo- she is playing the violin at her. How i mean starts off of. They're playing the violin alone feeling upset because she suck said as like okay. What am i gonna do. My mom's not here. My dad has not here. I'm alone and her being upset. Gets away what you'd say. You have your finger the heroine's melody. Oh the heroine woj. okay. I'm looking at it right now. Anyway g gets whisked away to fantasy world filled with all these different magical humans in half humans and whatnot in the thing what she discovers that she bell our of a portal that also unleashed all these different monster is onto the land and she's got a team up with all these different cast of characters and to stop the evil forces. Seal the hole and get back home kind of of a simple like that starts on pretty light hearted. There's a lot of humor a lot of characters. I mean your first two companions in one's a half wolf human who is just super friendly a kind of like a bay max tapeh companion and then a dirty kid. He was half cat half human. He's wearing like a cute hat Hoodie you get those two lake going around with you. M you occasionally get two more characters What the whole theme of this is music. 'cause she wants to be a musician. She a- drops into a lamb as phil of music to a very interesting point like the trees are shaped like violence. And there's even towns based on other instruments while through like a whole. Our direction is based on the melody of music at and also all the companion characters. They got their own instruments to because one of the big game play aspects to. This has that you have nine different songs that you play in to get around to the world like there'll be a certain point like gang through a waterfall or unlocking. It's another passage. Involves you playing a short music message. That's getting the notes down. Which i mean the game tells you what the note sarasota. Like your coolest gone okay. What am supposed to press now. Isn't like that. And that also goes into the combat. 'cause it's a turn based rpg when you get into fighting monsters but the the differences that all the attacks that you pull off or the normal music or the a specials like the ones that are powered by just how much you image damned you dealer. How much attack during the match. So there's like two different Both cases your attacks are dealt through almost rhythm game 'cause each of your Each of your moves. You have these different notes. You gotta play in order to power your attack to the fullest. And sometimes it's hitting Hitting certain button or serena keypads buns. 'cause you can use a controller. This is compatible with both xbox playstation controllers which use they use my..

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