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Long term. Thing Dagblad the. I hope so I hope he comes to the and takes the big money. That's on the table. You always try to get somebody for the GONNA to get that money that. Bad Yeah. Let's. Let's talk NBA. We're about to have sprints championship finish line. It's coming up. Help us, God bring it back as soon as possible. What. Who Do you like in the sprint to the finish? You still liked the Lakers. I love the Lakers. WE WANNA run. We will honor Ted Anyway, but the show everybody will do at Emily we we starving. Hungry, we started when we get back, okay. Well. You got a break because your guy who's in his. Season got four months off by their after he made his MVP case, but are you sure a rusty Lakers might not run into a dangerous eight seed like Portland or maybe even Zion's team. Yes. Yeah. Uh that. Shannon Sharpe claims he's not were. He's doing how how? Long. You've been in this business seventy eight hundred. Twenty. Eight URL eighteen. Slowing. Okay go even lower that either. They won't. They won't use low down. They won't him to Florida. Home. Grown. What's these The Goethe I don't even know what he's. Go- James. Ohio. NBA NBA. Yes there. James on ways. Yeah, that's King James, who used to be printed. Yeah did anybody watch the last dance? But maybe I was the only one who watched it I. Don't know it was awesome. Yeah Great. By the way. Mr Wayne, who is the goat of the NBA is Jordan or Lebron please? Kobe Bryant. out politically correct.

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