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The holidays last year with you Priscilla Presley joined me to talk about spending Christmas with the king Priscilla was married to Elvis Presley together, they had a daughter named Lisa Marie Presley. And she told me about the first time they ever exchanged gifts the years, they spent at Graceland and how she feels when she hears Elvis's music. Now, we spoke last year because Priscilla had just executive produced an album called Christmas with Elvis and the Royal Philharmonic orchestra where original recordings from Elvis's two Christmas albums, nineteen fifty seven's Elvis's Christmas album in nineteen seventy one's Elvis sings the wonderful world of Christmas had been embellished by the Royal Philharmonic orchestra. So first up let's have a listen to Elvis's classic blue Christmas. Schmo? Nakamura sun. That's blue Christmas off Christmas with Elvis and the Royal Philharmonic orchestra executive produced by my guest Priscilla Presley who was married to Elvis Priscilla Presley merry Christmas. And welcome to the world. Cafe. Thank you so much for having me. This is exciting. Oh, we're excited to have you here. I'm priscilla. Tell me whose idea was this was this project had to come to life. This project came to being when I was approached a few years ago actually would by Don Redman who is a producer very known well known producer. We had lunch and he approached me on what I thought about Elvis singing with Royal Philharmonic orchestra. And I went oh my gosh. This is music to my ears. This is something I was always wanted to do. This was something that he had planned to do. And we'd started talking about song choices what each one would mean with a with a full orchestra behind it. And it, you know, first of all it was a risk because I didn't want people to think that we were trying to change what Elvis had already done on the songs that we chose. It was really embellishing it to what he probably would have done in an arrangement. I know him that. Well, in fact, more the of guys that that were with him and talk to us. All know that he wanted to do this. And it's something I'm very very proud of. Because it is fulfilling a dream Priscilla. Presley is my guest here on the world cafe she's the executive producer of Christmas with Elvis, and the Royal Philharmonic orchestra many many in most of the songs on this come from his nineteen fifty seven album Elvis's Christmas album, but a few of them come from nineteen seventy-one Elvis sings the wonderful world of Christmas, which he would have recorded while while you are together. I imagine that you were around at some point in the recording studio when Elvis was recording song, can you describe what it was like to watch him work in studio. Absolutely, very impressive. You know, when you think of Elvis, you just think of him singing the song. But when you're in the studio with him he was actually producing he was actually tying his band members. What he wanted to hear whether he? Added to hear extra. Let's say was with a drummer withdrawn Todd who is drummer, you know, this is what I hear in it. And he would tell Ronnie or show running even you know, what it was that he felt the same with tar. And I was so impressed. I've been to Nashville when he recorded, but I think the best one was when he recorded in Memphis at American sound, and that's where in the ghetto came out of suspicious minds. It was it was captivating. You just sat down and watched him. And he would get so involved with with a song and his feelings and just get lost get lost in the song. You referenced in the ghetto. So I love to play a little piece of it. Now. Snow flow. Own a code in Gracia cargo moan in a little baby child is bowl. Get it. His mobile..

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