San Francisco, Hillary, Bradley discussed on Laura Ingraham


Means for free down liberty justice for all and it's not happening for all right now and that's how it happened from the san francisco forty niners who will not stand for the forseeable future i guess until hillary's elected as i write nuanced analysts owners who are too because then everything is going to be okay on a spoiled brat and salute bradley funniest thing here is that he given interview where he said we talked about he was conflicted because of his race he said it is childhood struggle with this city i guess he is half black half white and he said that is a struggle with racism dates back to his childhood it's something you talked about and this interview with eighty some mr porter's the journalist men's fashion magazine that published and does on lifestyle kind of magazine he was adopted by white parents when he was young and said that his parents never really made him feel like he was hot or the odd one out because of this race his parents allowed him to be himself which is great fantastic he said i knew i was different to my parents an older brother and sister i never felt that was supposed to be white or black my parents just wanted me to let me be who i needed to be so that's all very positive right then he he talks about my dad being a businessman casali talked to me about cary myself and a certain way and treating people with respect and i think that's something that's carried over throughout my life i did in its how ideal was certain situations he said this in this interview but is this the journal magazine.

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