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Joffrey. everyone today. the entertainment point about fifteen minutes of the trending stories bullet points that you brought it was coming up and somebody announced yesterday that they're retiring from music I don't know if I believe it she's a little too young for this but I'll tell you who it is right and you gave me a new tool and listen to this yet I'll see how it sounds this is from the there was a football game last night that I want to talk about. I'm an NFL or from these days. well. not as much a fan to fan anymore for personal reasons for personal reasons well my friend it was dirty my friend who was involved is no longer involved my single grandfather was involved team no longer involves I don't really care some an orphan some open look which would shift me toward but by I'm also not a poser soul you know for me all the sudden come on say all the bears I mean I never I never was into bears and and it was a supporter without being a fan I never wanted them to lose this is a much happier place to live right when the bears are winning but if I were to come out now all the sudden say. and we're all the gear is the I feel like people would say well that's a bit of an over reaction but I am a supporter anyway I once again was a an upset me especially because it's boring. the Packers yeah I expected more yeah but if this is some audio that was captured less I dearly there and the national broadcasting NBC I have not listen to this but I'm turning it all the way up to see what it's out okay..

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