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Is sponsored by some financial partners. Volusia Ron our bringing Christ to the nations. God is mysterious, but he has not gone missing today in a classic message from Lutheran hour archives. Dr Oswald Hoffmann tells how God reveals himself to us in Jesus Christ the hidden of which is undeniable becomes the openness of God. When you see his son Jesus. And Dr Tony cook says knowledge is not the same as understanding or face the older. I got and the more I studied scripture, the more I realize that God really isn't something that can be fully contained in a textbook. Hello. I'm mark. I sure thanks for joining us today. Your gifts and prayers help the Lutheran hour bring Christ to the nations and the nations to the church. Thank you for your faithful support. Now with a message originally broadcast in September of nineteen seventy eight here is Dr Oswald Hoffmann. Great God of heaven and earth out of the greatness of your heart, and in the mystery of your love forgive our sins for the sake of your son Jesus.

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