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You're not thankful for something you make no qualms about destroying that something or deconstructing that something and I always kind of joke around with people that want to deconstruct our country and our culture on Thanksgiving what are you thankful for. And who are you thankful to. And the and the honest answer is most of them aren't in fact. It takes a deliberate effort mostly by the secular left to try to teach bitterness when you live in a country with as much blessing and opportunities. We have here we. We have our challenges. We make mistakes. America's not a mistake. Make no mistake about that. America's not a mistake. There you go the fact that we have the type of fabric in this country that we have the opportunity to freedom the liberty and I'm afraid though that we now have a growing generation that is being instructed and taught to to not be thankful for this experiment and instead try to participate in the deconstruction of it. So that's what I that's the message that I bring the college and high school campuses every single day I'm I'm the only conservative speaker ever speak at Ucla Berkeley and Stanford and one semester and lived to tell about it. And I'm on the road. Three hundred forty five days a year. I love every minute of it and some of you guys might have seen one or two of my videos where I have very very opinionated but people that are constantly wrong but never in doubt individuals screaming in my face. About how horrible. Whatever they think I believe in most of its misrepresentations are but I'll tell you being a Christian in this culture where we understand? It's really a spiritual or happening in our country right now and that's the real divide even beyond all the political all right versus left. It's light versus darkness. It's now and what we cannot. We'll talk about this at length but I see a direct connection with the rise of Atheism in this country and secularism with the rise of leftism and I say that atheism is the fastest growing religion in America and the failure for Christians to recognize realize in that when people stop believing in a higher power when people stop believing in God whether be addressed Scott. And I'm Nisshin impotent. God well something has to replace yearning for meaning. Human beings have built into our our our DNA bit built into an existence is a desire to find order order in this disorderly world and traditionally we have taught the Judeo Christian tradition to our children. And now. Unfortunately we're teaching that you can find some sort of false fulfillment in a secular world and that creates miserable people and even worse. It creates a chaotic society chaotic culture. And one that is that is quickly quickly getting away from the roots. That created this country. Charlie but yes. The campus agree with you fully completely. But doesn't the child arrived on campus. Already ill equipped I mean without a doubt and so I say this I think churches are not doing enough to take declared it stands hands on these cultural issues and when we start to have men think they are women competing against women and female sports. This is unacceptable and it's immoral and by the way where all the feminists based on this is Jack so so perfectly will where the leftist media say. Where do you get that? That's genesis. Is this one one. You'd have to flip through your Bible to find that God created man and woman and it's like not that it's not exactly that difficult and understanding in understand very basic biology very basic science science in the left always likes to say that well. We're we're pro science. You guys are anti science well. It's actually the exact opposite when the further you dive into mathematics and the deeper dive in the science the more that should confirm you're already deeply held belief that God is real real and that there was a creator behind all of this. I like to say I don't have enough faith to be an atheist. I don't have enough faith to believe that everything that we know to be true. And all the unbelievable scientific discoveries that have been that. We've we've achieved that somehow. This is a mistake. Takes a lot more faith to believe that than to believe that there was a loving God behind this entire experiment and this entire life that were able to participate in but even beyond this children aren't being inundated in the culture there being misguided by public schools on the church outside of this church. But I'm talking the General Church not this specific church is confused and afraid. They're afraid of losing membership which is a bunch the nonsense and you're not running a restaurant you're running a church. Okay if you lose ten percent of your membership things so what and I use this example. I'm originally from Chicago Illinois. The Fun thing about being from Illinois is we have term limits in Illinois. It's a little different than California. Term limits are term limits is one term in office one term in jail so then we asked for our governor cell number we actually mean his the cell number so I'm originally from the suburbs of Chicago and you guys might have saw the news article recently that at Palatine high school men who think they are women are now allowed locker rooms with young women and the young women are so upset about this and of course the feminists are silent. The suburban MOMS are basically silent the school billboard taken over by radical secular leftist. But you know who else was silent is. The Church was silent Palatine high school where I went to school right down the street. The church that I grew up in as issued. No Oh statement has said nothing about this and when you have crisis is happening in your culture that are in direct defiance to the law that God gave I gave Moses and reinforced forced throughout the greatest book and the the word of God and then of course was was fulfilled by Jesus Christ the son of God and God himself then. What are we doing here? Because there's there's here's the here's the conflict happening and one of the crisis happening Christianity. Do we just want to be correct and have our own little enclave in the hills or we're going to go fight in the culture and going to proclaim acclaimed truth when it's difficult and when there's price and I find at times it's not. It's not to say that there are any any less less correct theologically or they might believe the things deeply-held but I do not believe in this particular time we're called to just look inwardly and especially when it comes to civic engagement in the public policy debate soon and boy has never been more clear choices of what Christian Christian should believe in this confused culture whether it be as you mentioned the sex education nonsense. It's happening here in California whether it be the public funding of abortions that's happening at the federal level through planned parenthood or whether it be the attack on religious liberty I mean these are very morally. Clear decisions that we as Christians can make and I'm I'm afraid that the Church's silent if not complicit with some of this stuff and I and there's there's differences between evangelical and Catholicism but far too often you find you find priests you'll find certain people and certain traditions be outwardly. 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Let's change gears a little bit but by no no means Charlie do have to take anything off the table so you said earlier and I agree and you could hear the people applaud you that the issue behind it all spiritual. We believe that scripture makes it very clear when we look at. What's happening right now? In our nation the United States right now standing opposition to globalism personified in the person of Donald Trump. He is the block block wall of globalism right. We know from scripture that globalism the rise of it it's written inscription we understand and we get that the point that I'm trying to make is this. Where do you see both off in front of the scene behind the scene? This impeachment thing going yeah. I'm happy to talk about that in. Bring it up for this reason. I bring it up for this reason because somebody might say well. What was the Bible? The Bible warns in the last last days that there's going to be a rejection of authority.

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