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And i know that she didn't want any type of credit for that but we do want to acknowledge the people out there who are doing these things that a lot of times it's a silent it's a silent effort and we want to show that people are out there doing good deeds for other people and i appreciate you so much because my family doesn't even know it random acts of kindness really absolutely then kim real quick before we go tell us how people can can join the page for your son people can follow him on facebook and it's called mending joshua's heart and you can just go there and request to follow and that's kind of how we keep what they did on his journey and i appreciate you bringing that to what thank you so much and we'll talk to you later and that was kim kelsey with mending joshua's heart and we do want to give a shout out to miss june swan for her effort of crochet in these hats for these children who come through children's hospital thank you so much june for what you do the second person that i want to recognize during the good deed segment is our soccer coach mark bailey at athens bobble school this is from rene car he and his wife to of dedicated so much tom money and love to the abs lady trojans he lives and works in huntsville and travels many miles back and forth he has built a team of character in our girls not just soccer skills he is the best coach i've ever been associated with he deserves a big thank you and more for all the sacrifices for the girls i believe this is his seventh year this she sent a picture of me of him working on the field and the work that he does and i want to send mark bailey and his wife to the whistle stop barbecue festival may fourth and fifth courtesy of early works of family of museums so i hope they'll enjoy those tickets and get to enjoy the full weekend there whistle stop so thank you rene for sending that good date if you have a good deed you'd like to send send it to.

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