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Every one of the things in the park was closed because of the covert crisis. So the interpretive center was closed. A bookstore was closed. There was an historic house on the site That was had been open for touring as close so basically. They've cut all of their maintenance costs by probably eighty percent of guess. What no discount for the tickets. Nevertheless we had a great time with no masks and after that drove down to leak city used to be dr paul's district. The end drove down to lee league. City walked into perogie queen. Had some parolees no masks. No mass required everyone in there and didn't have a mask on a couple of people kind of slunk in there with one on but they looked around. Nobody had one on eight. Some delicious pirogies had a good time. Almost normal saturday and now that we've been through a year of hell. We can be grateful for these little things even while we're angry. We can be grateful for the little things a little time that we have together. So that's it for today again. Subscribe to ron paul institute updates to hear news when it happens events dealing with ron paul institute we are trying our best to put together a conference and we'll be announcing something i hope in the next week or so. You'll hear it here. First if you subscribe ron paul institute dot org hit subscribe as you. Well know we will not give sell rent your name to anyone. It's just between us so that we can keep in touch and by the way if you're watching this and you're not subscribed to the ron paul liberty. Report youtube channel. Subscribe double check to make sure you're getting notifications. Because a lot of people say they're being turned off. Or they're being unsubscribe without their knowledge. So keep up with us. Keep up with the news. Keep strong be there for each other And that's all for today's liberty report. Thank you for joining us. Please come back again soon..

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