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Whether or not the falcons would keep a fourth guy back there. And it's during ethridge. Who played a fantastic game in that first. Preseason ended up arguably being a little bit more consistent than some of the guys. He was competing with. He has made the initial fifty three man roster. I feel like this is a position that it's going to be relatively stable. Enroll thompson was one of the guys. That was in competition here. I could see him. Potentially going to the practice squad for this team really liked what he did as well in this preseason but right now during ethridge the only other undrafted free agent other than philippi. Franks to make the fifty three man roster. I think he's relatively safe. I think we can run with this now as we get into the defensive backfield. This is where things get interesting. The falcons are going to be running running with eleven total defensive backs now. I think most people thought the max number for the defensive backs it was going to be around ten. So they're they're running one heavier than what most people projected really with that being sort of four safeties five corners and in that that tenth player being sort of a hybrid player that can play both safety and corner. Let's start with the safeties obviously drawn harmon. Eric. harris or the to presumed starters the veteran starters the one year rentals at the safety position and then of course. You've got At the the the backups. For those guys Richie grant who our second round draft pick and then jalen hawkins arguably one of the most improved players from last year to this year Who we think also is going to see a lot of playing time now. The corner position. This is where. I think things are a little bit interesting obviously. Aj terrell fabien moreau or the to pencil in starters. They've looked good from what we've seen from them. In camp in limited playing time in the preseason and then behind them. you've got isaiah. Oliver who is the presumed nickel corner. Who has actually played pretty well. I think he played pretty well in the back. Half of last year in this revised position for him. And then darren hall and avery williams the to drafted corners. They have made the roster. Darren hall maybe a little bit more surprised but again. I don't think the team wants to walk away from any of their drafted rookies. The they wanna hang on to these guys whether they play him or not so hall could be someone that In the very similar way kept inactive on game days and they're keeping him to pull him into the twenty twenty two season unless injuries of course happened. The head of him every williams. Clearly i think is going to be the punt returner of choice for the team going forward. Tj green who. I feel like really had a very very strong season in the last couple of preseason games that last one may have played him onto the roster his player. It's got some size. He's one of the guys. I think that can sorta platoon. Between safety and corner. He has made the roster so kudos to him and kendall. Sheffield is currently on the roster. Here's a guy that i felt was on the bubble. He did not play at all in the preseason. He is barely practice in fact. I don't know that. He is practiced once many of us thought he would either be put on the pup list or put on injured reserve. This could be something where he could be returning in the very near future. And the falcons just are not willing to move on from him yet. But he has for now made the roster. I will say this. I do feel like this is a position. Where if they're going to add another offensive lineman or even potential another running back. I like one of these defensive backs could be the guy to go and honestly. I still think i'm going to continue to say that. I think kendall sheffield's going to be that guy simply because his second season was such a downturn of performance the injuries this year i could see them trying to stash him on the pup list and obviously that would be six weeks before you would be able to see him again. I feel like there's maybe an additional change coming for the defensive back so this is definitely wanted to keep an eye on but right now sheffield has made the roster and of course the the specialist. Josh harris long snapper young way coup. For the kicker and cameron is lack has made it as the punter The former holder or former teammate of young way coup is also now made the roster as well so kudos to those guys As i mentioned before this is and you're going to see a lot of people saying this and it bears repeating. This is the initial roster. I think we're going to see more moves made even possibly today or tomorrow as these other guys are cut. The falcons are pretty high in the the chain for claiming guys off waivers because of the record last year so if they go and claim a guy there's a good chance that they'll get him likewise if a veteran this cut a specially again i think on the offensive line because of the lack of depth there. I think that is a position. They can look to address. End some of the guys. I think even though right now they're on the roster who are are not necessarily on sure footing. If you asked me to put that down to a list i would say number one. Felipe a franks do think. They'll try to put him on the practice squad at some point. But i just don't see them trying to carry three quarterbacks all year long Josh rosen again. I think this is more about the team wanting to give him a longer. Look but i don't think he's unsure for either. I think the team could still look for another veteran quarterback to be the true. Backup to matt ryan this year. So the two quarterbacks behind matt ryan or on my list for a.

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