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The direction of the attack and he's going to get a shot from the tiny. The master race has fallen down again. Another, other allied correspondent hurt on Columbia this morning James Willard also speaking the pools networks Willard, declared that thousands of allied planes, but then at work all night softening up the invasion coast, said Willard already. Several thousand paratroopers are waiting further inland join forces with the landing parties. These airborne troops were flown in last night. Willard also commented on the amazing quietness of the scene along the Strip of or directly behind the invasion beaches. He declared that with the exception of a German tank, moving up the road toward the beachhead or hiding in hedges. He could see no sign of enemy resistance. As to those allied paratroopers now disrupting German defences behind the front line correspondent, right Brian. Who accompanied them on? Their flight says they met only scattered small arms fire from the fields Brian has been living with a unit of car troopers. For some time. He reports that yesterday afternoon Gen Eisenhower. Passing quietly among the men and chatting with him Brian says the men were trained to the utmost and fully ready for action, and here is his description of what happened in his plane as it flew over France. The. Senior officer on board moved quietly up and down the passenger compartment, speaking to each man and asking if he had everything you needed. As the men settled back into their seats, Colonel Co said there's a doc who's going to give you some pills to guard against air sickness. Make yourselves comfortable as you can, and you better try to sleep a little and then quiet settled over the plane. These men had. Had done. They're talking now. They were grim and silent. Later on correspondent, Brian said I walked down the long passenger cabin to see how the paratroopers were writing more than half of them had taken their colonels advice, and we're dosing with their heads back against the wall, and their feet stretched out in front of them. The others were sitting silently except for two or three who talked among themselves in whispers. And broadcast an hour to go from somewhere on the English coast in it. Another reporter for the Radio Pool Stanley Richardson gave an eyewitness account of a naval action that prepared the way for the landings as far as the naval phase of our activity was concerned, he said not a shot was exchanged with the enemy while I was on the scene for that preliminary. Preliminary phase of the show. At least it was all too incredibly easy. We left our patrol torpedo boat in to accompany the slow, moving light advanced God of ships, which had to pave the way for the actual landings, one of our missions was to protect the allied minesweepers cleared a wide channels straight to the enemy shore for our troops, transports and supply ships. Long lines of ships of every description where discernible on the skyline, literally miles of craft, Ev even columns converging on the area and the channel marked for the concentration points for the actual invasion, huge transports, tank, landing ships, small troop, landing, craft, tankers, and supply vessels of every kind plotted doggedly along under lowering skies in laboring heavy seas. You people at home would have been thrilled with the bone, the cialis American men American ships in American supplies, sailing calmly into the action, for which they had been prepared and trained for so many months. By nightfall we were nearing the French coast, and the watch tightened, but nothing happened even when a full pale moon appearing fitfully from behind the clouds, gave opposition away clearly to any enemy who made been laying in wait for us, and then the fast and heavy combat ships moved up into position all align themselves in the bombardment area too loose, a hail of high explosives to protect the troops moving to the beaches on their landing craft. The worship started laying there smokescreen preparatory to shooting their guns. It was then only and only a few minutes of HR of the long awaited day. And here's a picture on this side of the ocean. The Associated Press put up on the wires at twelve thirty seven am this morning eastern time saying the Germans had announced invasion landings on the French coast and simply the CBS News Room in New York Sprang into action mobilize the full invasion staff, according to plan CBS news analysts Netcom, put the bullet on the air at about twelve, forty, eight, underlining the fact that it was an unconfirmed enemy statement in both the CBS shortwave, listening post and newsroom are specialists began to monitor foreign broadcasts. At frequent intervals, CBS announcers and CBS. Military analysts major feeling Elliott broadcast the continuing German reports, always emphasizing that it was still an enemy report unconfirmed by allied sources, and then at a little after three hundred this morning we switched to s h e AF in London. Where colonel do we read the first official allied communique. One of the most interesting parts of any great story like this invasion is the way people around the world react to the first news. CBS correspondent Charles. Shaw reported from London earlier this morning that he practically was town crier for the city of London, which was largely unaware in the early morning that the invasion had begun shaw road through the London streets, asking people what they thought of the news and found most of them hadn't heard it, but the answer of one girl when she heard the news from Shaw was typical, she said simply Frank God. Far removed from the thankful and hopeful spirit allied capitals is the only reaction so far noted from the Tokyo radio which broadcast it's. I meant that I mentioned the invasion in a German language piece beamed toward Europe. The Jab broadcast said we have just learned with deep concern of landings by the Allies on the coast. Of France we expect they will be quickly annihilated by the courageous German army that from Tokyo. That's the way the Japanese put it. Up to now there's been no mention of the landings to the Japanese people themselves. According to the United States government monitors monitors the office of war, information. Our correspondent William J. Don reported from Australia that invasion reports have the light of way on Australian radio than in the Australian headline, but he added that there is not much external excitement here in our own country reaction from coast to coast was similar. People kept on working overnight shifts and shipyards and other factories, and went to work as usual this morning, but everyone. Everyone seems to be more serious and many stopped in their tasks long enough to offer prayers for the success of the allied effort, perhaps most dramatic of all. It was the ringing of the Liberty Bell and Philadelphia's Independence Hall. The ancient bell was struck six times as Philadelphia's Mayor Bernard. Samuel read the famous inscription proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof. German propagandists asserted today that, despite the invasion of western Europe live, continued normal in Berlin with no excitement, no editions, no special radio segments, but part of these assertions obviously were rather faults from the time of the first landings, a constant stream of broadcasts came from the German transmitters, many of them, carrying more than indication that Hitler's defenses along the western coast had been caught napping. The German press chief was quoted by DNB, saying the allies open the invasion on the order of Moscow. DNB correspondent set of the German people is longing for revenge because of the allied bombings of their cities. The German news agency Transocean content an early broadcasts that it was not certain of allied intentions, but at one PM at said this much has become clear by midday. These allied landings mean this is the great invasion and no fooling. That's the story from Germany. Ladies and Gentlemen Columbia. Will Continue Its invasion coverage, and approximately thirty seconds from now we're pausing. Those timeless is Douglass Edwards, speaking and CBS the Columbia Broadcasting System. Columbia's news headquarters in New York mob trump, speaking a game, and if you moments,.

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