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At our Halsey I think I used to date her yeah you did it was after she read the link she split from Nicole Shea I think what I want to keep ties to Cincinnati and that happened she's looking for the other most eligible black bachelor possibly there you go you know to get back whether what she's lost one hundred pounds. she weighed a hundred browse more net will during her pregnancy but that's an excuse but not a reason well. now you should not gain a hundred pounds of my right or wrong you're like a woman should again a hundred pounds well she was able to get off that's what matters in six months all right then and I think she looks probably better now than she did before she had the baby absolutely yeah. the Daddy but she's still married to that former quarterback from somewhere. ten tables. he was not for string he was not for string here now well he made up for it yes we did well for myself so we still have our pictures obviously broadcast also an update on making a murderer another person has now come forward claiming to have killed three so Halbach so we have that updates and the latest on demi Moore and some of them got that supposedly the night before she got marriages doing the wild thing yeah the night before and that's a bad thing and what how she took Jon Cryer's virginity don't you understand these things what what has all of that how did I miss that this is all of the things are discussed in the book and we have it is actually her sit down with so one of the people from Good Morning America all the things that she's done and in her long career including the three seems to make her husband happy yes Adam with Ashton Kutcher I mean what what's up with that for you to see how the whole thing I want to see you know the guy with two and a half men yeah that guy she allegedly took his virginity alleged John alright now Aston Kutcher allegedly she had sex the night before she got married to do whatever and then allegedly her husband she claims she did it to maintain a hot aspect of our marriage I guess with Ashton Kutcher and she did a threesome or something yes you too Sir two three Cincinnati said the first one right let's do it again but she said that affected our masks and that was one of the women that ashen eventually cheated on her with disgusting absolutely this is a lot to unpack but it's on the blog that's for sure and also. their season starts tomorrow because you love a warming it's too hot photo hunters bow hunters don't go the way courage to use the bow or he used he uses his hands he chases him down really yeah it's good to see him yesterday funny.

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