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That's where they get you coming ongoing. Heard that line. Oh, yeah, yeah, It's just like in the says in the morning, his goatee, man, Yeah, not to be confused with Mary Kiss, Miss, That's all the thing and murder If you study the history of the band like I do, you are considered a kissed O'Ryan. A historian will get you coming and going coming with the K. By the way, way that's coming with cash. Okay, so she's gotta pay me money, and that's life. You know, you raise my taxes gets what? I'm going to move. Now. I'm moving out of state tuition is gonna handle Eugene. Pulling into talent is going to be the 12th man and a Seahawks game. Somebody give me a hand with this kiss. Pinball machines are going to get that He's got his neighbors. I can't move Kiss those come to bring the Mariners a World Series. A fountain in your front yard where the water comes out of genes. Mouth. You know what I mean? Like Washington of taxes, too. I think they don't know me. But I imagine they gotta have something anyway. All right to the Niners, 33 to 6. It's like it's so crazy. There's like almost nothing about there's nothing to criticize on both sides of the ball would greet them and, like, give a man a phenomenal Kyle Shanahan and we played is Did you forget your board up? It's up, but it's not working. We'll get We'll get it. We'll get anyway. I'm worried. By the way, Murph. For the record, I think Crew copes in the process of screwing up my own board. Now I think I debilitated him for tomorrow is taking people out because I had to. I mean, like Ken Norton member when Ken Norton was associated, all those plays where he was injuring other people like Napoleon McCallum, Bryant Young. Remember those terrible killer in choosing your Yeah. Norton's body was the one flying around. It was inadvertent. Of course. He got Richard Dent in Kansas City. I saw I saw Richard. He did. He got dead in Kansas City. You got McCallum's got me. Why real bad you too young. Remember McCallum, Napoleon McCallum. He is too young. Come on, Remember room there last night in his defence Torched by Cuyler Murray. Who? Kendall in Simmons. Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, That's a guy who went to U. C l A and just and then decided to ally himself with U. S. C. And the Seahawks were done with that. Here is the old okey doke. The move of moves the shenanigans by Shanahan, the Tiana Tiana again. It the Shana Hannigan's the shenanigans. Right? Shanahan, the Shana Hannigan's. I just made that up by way. Okay, because all week long we said, we'll know Rahim. So here comes Jeff McKinnon. How's he looking? How's he looking house? Jermichael Hasty. How's he looking? Although while you don't even worry about it all the while he was planning to unleash Jeff Wilson Junior, as called by our boss, J. C, the pride of Rhode Island. He hey said to us, he told he sent me a text. Don't sleep on the sledgehammer Jeff Wilson. Casey is a very local, like your voice like that. I liked Stacy Voice anyway. Kyle Shanahan on the Okey doke. Move. This shouldn't the Shana Hannigan's on playing Jeff Wilson. Here plan Wass rest gentle little bit. You know how much he's got in last few weeks, so We're gonna go with a C or Jeff depend on their health and Jeff Sheldon practice that It's healthy enough to go. It's got cleared. It produces This'ii do rest. McKinnon. I mean, listen, all due respect, McKinnon, but, you know, it's like I mean, I seriously that's like, you know, Don't don't know Harville coming down, saying, eh, you know, or if you've been working hard, won't you take the last couple days off? You look like you were gonna work We're gonna bring in this young talent wants you right. You know what better yet come into the show and want him working. For Jet MacKinnon. That ain't no it is. It's kind of revealing going to arrest you Polish. It sounds like the kind of rest where you put a blanket blanket you talk about when you get older. Let's come. I'm getting closer and closer. So I got my black Sabbath albums. I'll be fun. Get the blanket on my lap diaper me up and give me my sabbath like all the black Sabbath who I've always been told is the most indestructible. Phenomenal except for one Been healing comes out. Yeah, yeah, and of all time, And yet a listener sent us in after Eddie after David Parties, Eddie Van Halen just away. I'm still recovering from that, By the way, that one really hit me hard. A listener sent us in a billboard from a San Francisco stop where Van Halen was opening for Sabbath. What year? So that's their first album. That's 1978. That's actually very famous, and I've heard a lot and I can't believe Van Halen open for black site because Oh, yeah, yeah, no, they live in and you said yes, common knowledge they were blowing. Then there were blowing Black Sabbath off the stage every single night because you got Van Halen with the greatest debut album in the Three recorded music and they're going out there with an aging black Sabbath was a lot of drug problems on alcohol abuse going on and right after that tour when Hale unlike him, Barry calling it Jeff Wilson Jet McKinnon type of thing here. I mean, they're like Ozzy wants you rest and watch David lead to a split. What did you say? The greatest debut album in the history of recorded music? I mean easily in the conversation. All right, Always out here, dealing me. Well, appetite for destruction by Gene or it's a good one. Boston. They're first ones going. What do you want to be brought to you? These? Well, by the way, one more foot note for you on the Sabbath be inhaling thing. Even today, they were blowing us all to stay here tonight, And it was so bad that at the end of the tour, they either fired Ozzy rise. Ozzy quit depending on who you talk to Yu Think McCain and she give us boy? No. Think so mean? I'm not trying to be standing around trying to just watch what Wilson. Does Anyone here know I need more. Jeff Wilson, man. I know I need more. Jeff Wilson. Hey. So here's the deal. Look at what happened to the Niners after the Dolphin Cay. Remember use chick told us that jerk Waske tar walked into the training room and said to him. Hey, man, this is the week we get the win that turns it around. And I put that on Twitter and all the listeners started pointing and laughing, getting retweeted it immediately said Niners lose by 16. Another one sent me the Retweet with the fake. Okay with the wink. Oh, yeah. Okay. Sure thing. Guess what, last to faint anymore? Nobody. Nobody likes to believe only as ah, Gen. Sherman played in one of my recent rides when we're slowing it down for a little fight, Right, Little Joe Cocker. Have a little faith in me tender tune, Springsteen, Havel to show a little faith..

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