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Mic feature on the radio. At least a memory of someone is near and dear here heart to serve in the military for the mother and father or military people, and certainly remember them on Memorial Day, myself. Steve is in coming Georgia in stores, just a little lawn and garden. Hey Steve, good morning. Warren, walter. How're you doing? Fine, sir. How can I help? My the, the way ball has about twelve Japanese Maples, and we've been in the house by six years in the house. The, the trees are in need of printing bad, and everybody's got sixteen different opinions on when I should do this. And just why would you tell me why you want to save the ones by the driveway or growing to bushy out at the driveway? You know that kind of stuff. Yeah. You know, the parameters for me is pretty simple essay to callers who are asking about printing things in the summertime. I say remove less than twenty five percent of the total foliage of the tree, and you're no problem. The tree does not care Jaffe, Maples, same as sweet gum, or anything else, you, don't remove more than twenty five percent in the wintertime. I go forty fifty percent sometimes so gross as is the plan is in. And if you have a limb, what was the driveway or some of the crowded together on the trunk and you need to take two or three hours so to open things up and make it look, more tree like no problem with that, as long as you don't remove leaves. Okay. Sounds good. That, that's a lot different while by styles told I would kill them all. Brune anything there right now. Won't kill sure not kill them. Okay. Well, that's what I wanted to know. I see Dr sites that my friend. Thank you, sir. You bet. We'll see. We got Rodney in Newnan joins us own lawn and garden riding good morning. Good morning to you, sir. What's going on? I have the squatter the square foot gardening, and I have tomatoes and peppers and containers. We noticed we started a full basement. We noticed that we had a net problem into dart. Yeah. Yeah. And it got really bad. We had a problem, too, but we got rid of the investi, but I'm still seeing the Nash, even outside now that we've got our containers at outside, and I have like ninety Deborah plants about forty tomatoes. So I'm kinda busy. The nets are probably fungus as their larvae lives in the soil, actually suppose it comes in on potting soil piling Saugus. Okay, then fungus NASA being there if it dries out, properly, usually the larvae die, because they get dried out into story sometimes in special situations in the basement or water little bit more than perhaps it should then the larvae reproduce and my little fungus gnats, and they lay eggs, and here we go. The easiest way to control them. You know, frankly, righty, here's to try put a half inch layer of sand on top of your putting soul. The half inch layer of saying, dries out the upper surface enough that the Nass just can't live. The Laurie can't live underneath it. And that's simple easy. No chemicals involved. Try to see if you want to just monitor how much your population is either exploding or nice photo or diminishing, take a little slice of apple just a little Corey wide slice of an apple and put it on top of the sand and taking off in the day or two look and see if any larvae in it because there are large apple. Then you do have the fungus that still present. All right, sir. Thank you. By the way to pollinate tomatoes. Yeah. That's the question your, your daughter, your son. Are you? One for the granddaughter and she was real small. So we just got her another one. So we use those. As long as you that you're not using their real old one. Okay. Right. That's five. Yes, sir. Thank you, Ryan. Thanks for calling John Covington, Georgia John, Joe just garden. Hey, Johnny, good morning. How can I help John? I have one of those problems earlier this year, I started to renovate my lawn but all I had was just weed. So I killed with round up. I had a hall and trees cut down to get more light. And so long I'd have I got a new tractor and try John. That's important. Yeah. Ball to take care of the law. Yeah. Yeah. When I did this when I when I started doing saying planning things as get the drought actually started. So I've been working trying to one of the things up a what about two weeks now I don't see anything and I'm a little bit concerned about the potential of it without that I have not working for you. The first question is, what do you think about the potential of doing the doing zoysia grass by Scots wasn't he Soysa? See is generally doing fun. The key is yes. You've got to water it. We don't want to try out so okay from seizing, this is the one that I see most often and it works, fine. It's a little slow to germinate just the nature of the beast, zoysia seed. But if you keep it uniform moist. Don't go or anything keep it uniform moist. And within two weeks you should say Tigris browse code. Starts, but in the summer, pretty well cover the area and next year really nice so zoysia say Clinton now. Just fine. Well, what I'm doing is watering at times. You know, I actually good as I can do water about three times morning, noon after noon. Let's say at night, so I haven't seen the results at the time. So you're saying, I'm still good to go. I think you still have a little bit of time to not worry too much about it. And, you know, watering don't, don't make soggy. Don't leave the ground Soghi FU water, you should be just enough water to keep the top half inch inch maybe of soul moist not soggy. So you adjust your watershed, you'll just enough Hewitt from getting real. So yet there, okay? Another question here. Yeah. Okay, it doesn't work and I'm just saying, you know, if it doesn't work, good. I keep saying do this in the fall note briefly. Now, Deutsche is very much warm season grass you, these replant again, if you just feel like it just didn't take for whatever reason received, again, you got time, just let it dry out. Okay. All right. Well, can I ask you one more question? Oh, four more people here, say no. No. Scott say all right. Well, thank you very much. You talk to me. They said, we've got plenty of time next Saturday already. Jane is done in Fayetteville enjoys his lawn and garden. My situation is I have a good yard of emerald zoysia. However, I have treated twice already to see for weed, but they still continue to come up. No, not the broadly. But something that looks like ovarian small clover or something. Oxide solutions. How you. Fertilize zoysia. L. Yeah. When did you last for less? What's your schedule? Telling me more about that. It now for about four weeks ago. I usually do about a light fertilizer about every six weeks, you're on the right track. Jay because zoysia I think of any of the grass is prefers just very little for Lahser regularly plaid and so light within four weeks ago, six weeks ago is fun. Almost time to fertilize again. And the reason I'm saying this because emerald zoysia should be thick enough. With proper fertilization enough water chokes out almost every week that tries to grow in it. It's always, you emerald zoysia. Again, is really good thick enough that keeps most weeds at bay has sunshine. He's standing out, so is in the shade. Of course, it thins out a little bit. But if it's fertilized, right which is doing I was simply continue, your furloughs, ation and maybe one more treatment to do it later in the year. Do it in about a month or two from now because I don't want you put too much chemical on at one time. And you've already done twice. Okay. So do it now. And then wait about another four to six weeks, the fertilizer, get fertilized. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. The other question is, is I have Hannah's in the last couple of years and has already started where the lease curl up when I open them they've all these little black. I'm sure eggs inside. But it's nicely. Sewed on the outside. I spray everything plays or secret for these alone. There's not Jane and I have a habit in the couple of my candidate. I should this afternoon. This is probably one of the things I will do I won't do much in the garden today. What I will unfurl the lease of Canas. I used to be really careful sick and my little finger up, very carefully taking the stitches away. Of too much trouble. So just ripped through the leaves just like that open the leaf up because it was little candidly for grubs are inside the leaf. If you don't expose them to birds in sunshine, and like they'll just continue to grow and reproduce and like a mess and opening it up. We'll kill him that diminishes the population, which is what I want. It's hard to get the spray in there. That's why don't spray because I just hard to get it in that little furlough of rolled up leaves on the candidate you can't get in there. That is true. Okay. So you say open it will last year. I had such a problem. I just cut those lays off. And then you, you know it doesn't look as great. Yeah. Right. Exactly. It doesn't look right? When you open it up roughly, as I do if you wanna be careful like tried for a while, you can continue to do that. Okay. Well, I think you're better off simply to over quickly with you finger. Let's grub dropout. Let a bird of breakfast. I will do that. Thank you. So very much after calling, you know, we have time to give away the weekend. Prizefight miss Frasca, real quickly here less than a number between two and seven to give a six pack. Tickets four sees it read it right. A four pack of tickets to the Atlanta, great American tiny house show, the tiny house show. 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