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Do those finances doing that? Yes That's just meeting my stuff. Okay. That's great. Okay, you can put your recording now. Stop. Gives me extreme pleasure this I'm GonNa Start Your fast food bed pornography. As extreme pleasure now, it gives me great to introduce my guest today pizza come who has described himself justice minute to me as educator I poets second. And we'll be talking about buzzed today. But the big thing was open touch against. You've recently have a magnificent book published. This is my plug little kings published by nine hour just press, which you can buy online. Or offline, but as more online shopping at the moment and also. A CO as Of a really great anthology. The Golden Shovel Anthology. Now. The first question I wanna ask you because when you had to online launch. You said it was little kings was twenty years in the making. But it made me. Sing inside because I. Love the idea. that. It's taken a long time. So these poems percolated and they've marinated. It's become this book slowly but surely. Some. I have a question. What have you learned about poetry in the last twenty years on perhaps and addition to that? What have you learned through victory in the last twenty years? Ago In. Gap. Ethos. Bet. Certain..

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