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That didn't work it's just it's really annoying because i actually sent the video to the guy so here's what happens you call the eight hundred number and they apologized like crazy and i always feel started with people have to apologize for stuff they didn't do probably it all day long for stuff they're not responsible for and she says we'll have the guy the local office call you so that never happens no because he's probably got a backlog of six months to call people and the woman finally said we'll i'll give you the phone number and so they gave me his phone number so i called that ryan and ranking first speaker phone continue to ring it must have ring if each sixty nine good what would he answers the phone and then he found out you know it wasn't someone internal said hi you know started talking me he was getting more angry morning 'cause i'm busy here i said well i have a problem i want your email this video driver to do so it gives me as email at ups dot com send him videos he calls me back and like really politic while truck drivers they shouldn't be doing that and so now they don't toss it over the over the gate anymore i haven't seen that happen but what does it just walk up to the gate in the late on the other side it's still it's thursday and it's one of those slatted gates see right through it right yeah i figure that's all off the road i could look through the gate and see if there's something sitting there and stop and get it at least that's you know that's a benefit yeah it will look i've got something i can see it from three blocks away.

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