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Supreme court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was not on the benches. The court met today to hear arguments Kuenssberg has been recovering at home after she had to cancerous growths removed from her left lung the week before Christmas. It's not knowing windshield returned to the court, which will hear more cases on Tuesday and Wednesday and again next week in two thousand nine she was at the court for argument's eighteen days after surgery for pancreatic cancer. That's worth what it Mike Hempen reporting the head of Thailand's immigration police as a young Saudi woman has been stopped in Bangkok because she was trying to travel to Australia for asylum to escape ledge abuse by her family. The woman says she would like to hear from the office of the U N High Commissioner for refugees leaving my until I see N H R asylum. Tie officials say the woman will not be set anywhere against her wishes. Breaking news at townhall dot com. A spokesman for the government of good bone has said the political situation in the country is now under control following an attempted military coup. The minister of communications has told BBC news that four soldiers have been arrested and still on the run the group sees the country's public radio at four thirty AM. Cooling on the country's youth to take to the streets and on Titians to meet up the national assembly President Ali Bongo who suffered a stroke in tuba during the trip to Saudi Arabia has been recovering in Morocco and the lack of communication on his well being has fueled remiss in the country on his ability to rule, that's BBC's Louise reporting in Delaware. Authorities say man was shot during a home.

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