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And we're all patiently look and we're trying to see what's going to happen with him and we're like okay. Well we'll shit you know. We'll we'll help with black. What's up with black. I could remember all enor- for a couple of weeks coming up with some really cool story arcs that could go down with allistair black and men the shit that he was doing on smackdown i i was getting behind knows. Vignettes man i i was loving it. This guy was taking it to A whole new level. And i was really really filling a he. He reminded me of with this with this latest dark father. Gimmick i don't know if alastair fan of comic books and graphic novels and shit but he reminds me gimmick. Reminded me a lot of this priests. That's an image comics crossover. I don't know if you guys have ever read that by image comics right now. They are to six there. Were on a a month and a half break with. The newest issue is going to be dropping later this month but there is this preacher dad man is he out there. I mean you can think a little bit like old country for old men and all that but you can think of also a little bit of a garth. Ennis's a preacher but this this father. He's literally he's a priest and he's a father to a son he is so fucking out there riveting just river just go read that go read. I promise you when you go in and you read that you'll see exactly what i'm talking about. I thought alastair black was kind of tapping into that. And and i know about some of the other elements which inspired him. But i'm just curious if he's ever read that. Because i was seeing a lot of that character. When i was looking at the dark father gimmicks to my point really really high on this dark father gimmick and everything but those months when he was off And we're like damn. Is he being punished for what was going. On with zelina vega you know what the hell you hear. Rumblings about him Possibly asking for his release and it was denied. He wanted to go back down to annex t. That was denied. You know you keep your and hopefully at.

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