Congress, Scott Fox, Alabama discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


Rush rai after fourteen weeks on the chart maroon five featuring says a peaks at number three with what lovers do name than their latest album evolved was just sort of by multiplatinum holding on a number two again this week thunder from a magic dragons and finally at number one again this week per selftitled fulllength debut comes out in january it's camila cabello featuring young thug havana oh in that your iheartradio top trending songs now hear them all on iheartradio donald trump's america president trump is closer to his much desire tax reform legislation after a late night senate passage over the weekend now the senate and house will confer to find common ground on their versions gop senator susan collins of maine when asked on nbc's meet the press sushil support any consolidated bill said now i need to be afraid of fema can fat in the midst of that go she eishin this friday marks another significant deadline where the government may run out of money in risk of shut down a key sticking point the dreamers kids brought to this country illegally democrats say their resident status must be protected senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says this is not the dreamers fall at our avocado uh difficult spot but there's that there's no emergency depressive give us until march to address at also sexual misconduct allegations in the halls of congress and in the alabama senate race continued to swirl an ethics probes may decide the outcome of those cases colonel scott fox news.

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