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High-schoolers eating bananas with appeals on. I finally say I relate to the boomers even they're starting to realize that it's pretty stupid, five ten divert. Traffic and weather together. Let's get you caught up on the drive. Juliette hardy standing Viking Line where some high water might be. Yeah. Well, we're going to have a lot on most of the roadway. So you're going to want to take it easy on your way. Yeah. And I've got some debris in the channel area on I ten east freeway, and that's going to be the inbound side at Lockwood, it's not causing huge delay. But be very careful. Apparently, there's a tree down in the right lanes. You try to go through there. So you probably going to encounter some debris this morning. So keep that in mind as well. I'm looking at the east text right now as you're trying to come in from six ten to downtown. We're already up to five minutes, and if you're trying. To travel on the inbound side of forty five the Gulf freeway. It's about twenty minutes from beltway eight to downtown and sixty nine the south west twenty five minutes from the grand Parkway into the city. I'm Giulini hardy and the Gulf Coast windows dot com. Twenty four hour traffic center KTAR h Tom tax defenders twenty-four, whether sooner we're having some computer problems at the Weather Channel, so Terry Smith school in old school. This one on the telephone. That's right. Thank goodness for the telephone timing on these storms just perfect her. We love when they show up during morning drive. That's the worst. But that's what we were thinking yesterday. Is that the worst of it would be during the overnight hours early morning hours? So you know, what? Hey, if you can delay going into work, and you can tell your boss, I said, so maybe that's the best thing to do. We're seeing some of the strongest storm some of the heaviest rain now just off to the east and northeast of Houston. It's continuing to movies, but we still have a lot of wet weather.

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