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Let them to the air there a podcast about the wide world aviation aerospace. I'm williams and i'm chris drexel. Today's episode of the second and our careers. You may have listened to her first about how to become the controller will today. We're continuing to examine the world of aviation. Not in the air off their chris. What are you talking about. This is the arab there right. Great point kenya. But what i mean is that we're going to take a look at it a profession that similarly to air traffic control is one that keeps your boots on the ground not in the clouds. Oh you mean technicians. Exactly the epidemic employs thousands of technicians many with the title airway transportation systems specialist. We call him. Atss's these technicians have the skills and hands on training to maintain and repair a wider rid. Equipment equipment pilots rely on the nandy controllers rely on to talk to pilots like tracking technology. Much more and like you said kenya all critical for air travelers to reach the destination.

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