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Surat who approves of this show wls robots rock music radio touchstones this afternoon england your chance to win and things like yes concert tickets eric clapton and santana concert tickets polaroid cameras and other goodies from radio station thank god we approve but bob surat there's chris elliott now chris elegant is an expert on travel and one of the great myths of our time is that the wednesday before thanksgiving is the busiest travel days of the year it is not is it chris it is not no one of the busiest travel days the eu's usually the second or third friday in june when you have that confluence of vacation travellers and business travelers hitting at the same time that every year chris its own barazenka local tv news editors demand that one of their field reporters usually the youngest one has to go to the airport to report on the fact that this was the busiest travel days of the year and then they stay there on an empty roadway or an empty waiting lounge you're news you work at the washington post one is this going to get fixed well they send the interns out to do that story i every year and you know it depends on how you measure the busiest travel day of the year there's various ways of measuring yet but yeah it's it's a busy day but it it does get dan busy year um and uh and you know i don't know i think it's just a editors that are a little bit unimaginative and they wanna send someone out on a wild goose chase to interview people and for that the editorsinchief with real desk editors of tv stations of major newspapers the ones i know never lead the newsroom thursday or twelve hours a day the greasy sandwiches at their desks they don't know what a salad is in they don't know when he women that's been my experience is that fair statement uh you know i i've i answer that went honestly i lose.

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