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Hey, thank you for the call. Do appreciate a dust in his in Tulsa. Hey, good morning from Tulsa Paul. How are you, bud? Dustin. Yes, sir. Yes, I can. Okay. Hey, man. Yesterday. I really appreciated the full on audible yawn right in the middle of AJ's call. I don't know if that just came out naturally or. Yeah, you know, one thing you do, I mean, you're always aware of the situation when you do what we all do here. In that case, I really wanted people to hear the yawn. It had me rolling, man. I've actually been under the weather for the last couple of days, so I haven't called and in that I've been listening a lot. And I think I've found that that might be the secret to being a better collar is not necessarily being here every day that kind of listening and making room for other people. So I think maybe I won't call in every day, but I'll leave room for others and join in occasionally because this place is still fun. I do have a quick memorabilia story for you since that we were talking about yesterday if you've got time to humor me for it. Go ahead. Yeah, go ahead. So the year was 99. I was a freshman in college, walked onto a D two football program. And this is the year after the sterner stumble. When we went to Tennessee and lost after Clint stern or tripped over borough source and fumbled the ball. So anyway, we beat Tennessee 28 24 and Fayetteville turns into a madhouse. In the next weekend, my roommate, a guy who was a freshman quarterback for the same theme as me. He looking and said, hey, Lin rock and I said, hell yeah, 'cause that's back when we used to play games in Little Rock. So we go play Mississippi state, beat them and for some reason like there was this impetus to rush the field again. We just rushed at the weekend before. And so anyway, rush the field down at one memorial. And I think the statute of limitation is up on this so I can tell it. But I ended up getting out of there with one of the pylons that goes around the end zone. I picked it up and started waving it around and nobody told me to put it down. So being a kind of a young mischievous scamp, I stuck it underneath my 30 year ended up getting out with him to this day I still have a pylon from war memorial stadium after the mission. Oh, that is great. Thank you very much. I appreciate that story. By the way, just happened to see a story by David eckhart in the clarion ledger where he is reporting what many have been speculating that Chris beard is the top candidate to replace Kermit Davis at old miss and the school is doing due diligence. Remember it was beard who was fired from the University of Texas. They were the number one team in the country after an episode with his fiance, a couple of months ago. We'll keep you posted on that. We are live in Nashville. We also keep taking your phone calls with guests coming in at 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5. We're talking to rig Barnes to start off. We'll talk to Bruce pearl coming up shortly.

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