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Because there's an underlying but we don't allow it to get out. We don't have time free to get out on visas. How much starts his journey beyond the pale. He's announced looking in. Seems to have it all but it's pretty clear is something going on beneath is but it just doesn't give it any time. He's just constantly pushing it now. Just stifling voice. They won't give it one. I think we do often times in our lives that would speech people. They were telling me stories about big failures big mistakes and that's exactly what they were doing. There was a voice. There was something inside Trying to get their attention. I don't wanna listen for business. Have been those reasons may basil. Just push it down. Push it down without voice would find way of getting attention through self sabotage When constantly switched on. Because how can you possibly take the time and give yourself time to understand what's going on inside you if you grind mcgee's That unity if you can from the moment you wake up until midnight if you refused to take vacations if your time off if you refuse to sit down knowledge of faults in your feelings as those weeks months those years tumble on by. It's going to lead to some pretty for an uninspired. If nate finds his way of coming out and self sabotage with some been which was a comment patrick madden get appetite. Yes when i was doing all the research success mistake. I didn't get it even when i was right in Mistake i didn't get it but in Between the success mistaken beyond the pale and virginia have taken since while right in Pale now i get it. So often were caught in that act of expectation and judge. We're looking at everything. We're doing process realis- two filters whether it is our own expectation in judgment of our or weather. Is that outside voice that says this is simply being entrepreneurial. This is simply reaching for.

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