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Introducing the capital one walmart rewards card earn five percent back at Walmart online games for the kids headphones for data laptop. For Mom doesn't matter you get five percents back at Walmart Online. You'll also earn two percent at Walmart in store restaurants and travel and one percent everywhere else. When you want all that H- you need the capital. One Walmart rewards card. What's in your wallet? Terms and exclusions apply capital. One IN A it's October. Nineteen eighty-three starbucks headquarters. Seattle Howard. Schultz rings. His hands as he paces the office of Jerry Baldwin. The company's co-founder Schultz's pacing becomes more frenetic Baldwin size. He knows he can't put Schultz off his persistence. His Mind Boggling Jerry. Espresso bars are the future of starbucks. If you'd seen the ones in Milan you'd believe me but I didn't see them. Howard look most Americans have no idea what espresso is or how great it is. We could introduce them. Baldwin GETS UP FROM HIS DESK. He walks to the door and opens it signaling. The conversation is over but day after day. Schultz keeps after him. If he can just bring Baldwin around Jerry please reconsider all right. Howard you can test your precious Espresso bar. Thanks that's great. Now I'll need fifteen hundred square feet in one of our stores. I'm giving you three Hundred Square Feet. Max. There will be no room for chairs or tables. There's room for a counter okay. I'll make the best of it. Shields squeeze out a corner of an existing starbucks adds a gleaming chrome espresso machine in line shelves with tens of Espresso to Baristas are taught to make the specialty Italian drinks and on an unseasonably cool day in April nineteen eighty-four. His Espresso Bar Opens Schultz watches anxiously as customers drink from their porcelain cups. He sees genuine pleasure in their reactions by closing time the first day. They've served an amazing four hundred customers. He High Fives Baristas soon. The Espresso Bar is serving eight hundred customers daily every evening. Schultz rushes into Baldwin's office waving sheets of paper. Detailing the latest sales figures Jerry. Customers are standing in lines out the door. You've tested it. And Yes people like it. But it's just a distraction from our business which is selling coffee beans. I need you to close down. Don't you see the bar? Is Luring in more customers. This isn't the time for a new venture. We have an opportunity to buy peace coffee and we're putting our energies there. You'll have to live with that but Schultz can't live with it. He fought so hard to join starbucks. He knows in his gut that Baldwin is overlooking a huge opportunity. Now he's got to decide what he's most dedicated to the company.

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