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I I don't trust anybody but I trust CBD CD's the Poyton compound extracted from the hemp version of cannabis there's no high let me hear some comments first of all David David in south Florida checks in hopes hopes don't don't day from Skip Day from south Florida happy smile and say boy it's great it's great to be here in New York City no you're going to be pissed off you're going to be back you want your revenge guy tried to drag you to hell for crying out loud the man I'm reading this tech's Seth Flight so he will not be able to come on right now he's sitting on the plane so we're going to have to wait for him to land and I just I just text him back that we're all the three hours knows we lay so wait a second so nine fifty Eighteen he is unavailable yes unavailable nine fifteen we just gotta wait till you lands Dave reaction to that what is that he's trying to stir the pot pop back it stirring the pot he's turned he wants me to start getting pissed off and angry so I say something that's going to be like foot in mouth he wants me to say something that anger and frustration that you can dow throw back at seth John's later on when he calls Oh like I need anymore that I've got the lights on my phone cut the man's afraid to come on the show that's my fault had enough tape from the last three weeks if I really want to do that I've been on a thousand flights that got delayed and I've spent the night in airports before for Christ's sake like relax when he gets when he lands he's GonNa call what it is is it happens universal champion for crying out they don't have a private for universal champion who you think is this doesn't happen the back game wow dave this we're going to get you some help Dave I'm not trying to stir the pot but I have a little bit more information on this would you like to hear what says this is this break necessary not new but seth has tweeted about the reason for his flight not being delayed you WanNa hear what this ahead say said my flight has been delayed guys you need to know that because the reason for the delay is that another plane hit and killed wait for it a skunk and the permeating smell caused our pilot to take our plane back to the eight said pilot is now intensely deliberating about the next steps to take I cannot make this nonsense up poor skunk you know what Mark excuse the pun that smells like bullshit off the plane made a skunk the plane skunk not learn Wayne another not the point that he's on another plane hit a skunk so now the flight his flights delayed because another plane hit a skunk and Oh yeah by the way when you had a skunk and I'm sure everybody at one point or another as either hit US or drove by a dead skunk and so what do you Dow pullover if you're driving down the highway and you smell a skunk to you pull over I can't drive anymore smells like I have I you actually want me to put my foot on the gas when there's this kind of smell in the air over and I'm GonNa wait I'm going to pull over to the side of the road and I'm GonNa Fly oh I'm GonNa pull over to the side of the road your God you are passenger in this game play that's propellers away is a jet and then have Pella's what year is this the propellers you airflow airports will have a big fan put a big fan on the runway here's the my I can't fly you expect to fly his plane with this kind of smell on the runway come on that's bullshit the guys bullshit and he's the universal apn he's a great entering worker and he's a liar because there's no way that stories I've never heard that plane laid because another plane hit a skunk and it smells too bad for the actual pilot to fly the plane but what if it's just not the fact that there's a smell but does clean up on our nine from a skunk hit us you know what you do with your shovel oh Scott gone but there might be innards and blood and stuff all over the runways so they have to like clean it up what if another plane you knows a good way to get away from something that smells fly away yes you're in a plane you have the best seat of anybody how about the poor people to actually have to work on the runway what do they do your fucking fi way fi away for the smell I guess what I guarantee you within thirty seconds you won't smell it anymore it will be God I can't imagine the pay somebody over to say excuse me I know we're supposed to be flying now but flames delayed because we have a skunk how you put your hands skulk another plane is scant on the runway so we're going to be delayed I dunno three hours until bust it open is over me a break they Dan I gotta take a need water do you know what the word sound in the world is it's your arm clock if you haven't gotten enough sleep no matter how much you love that song on your phone when wakes you up in the morning he wanted to stop and I know when.

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