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Going man. Hey, what's going on? How's everything? Dude. I'm good. Man. I gotta say we're doing the on blog. Me thing. I look at the point that you make. I don't even know who's French's right on that one, but you're right. I probably should've let you live. But you gotta remember man. That's right. That's right around with prince died and stuff like that. Going on man. You know what? That's very fair. And then in my defense, I think when I actually that man, it was like five in the morning. I was wasn't myself. You know, I might have been a little delirious. I know it was doing the NBA finals and I was room for Cleveland. I think they just like lost four or something like a lot was going on, I guess. Yeah, man, but I you, you you, you get on black. Ain't gonna lie. I normally make people kinda crawl for these things, but not today, man. Like I feel like, you know what? What you bag breath you back, how appreciate it. I really do miss seeing. You want to say that I tweet something from you. It's like, I can't say anything. I been blocked. I appreciate that Maddow tweet as much as I used to, but I try to get a little boy, the appreciate. All right, man. You have going. I bet. Gabe, see, man, we got here making dreams come true. We're doing a solid here where we're making the world a better place. Yeah, buddy. Because as you know, I don't enjoy doing this segment at all, but colossal Castro, he'd Bek. He said up and remember every now and then we do this. If you'll pardon, is that you've been blocked. One of your pundits been blah. We'll let you know the next time be going to lessen people free, you know, and maybe it'll be you. It probably won't. But maybe I ladies and gentlemen, thanks for joining us here on the right time. Do this thing couple of times a week. My man gave Bassein handles everything behind the scenes. Thank you, sir. Remember subscribe to the podcast ESPN app apple podcasts where you get your podcast, go ahead and do that rate as review. Gives five stars only give sports stars. We are inclined to think that you are a hater also wanna give thanks to itchy laparoscopic senior writer for tech at wire. Check out her story. Facebook's falls, video numbers at wired dot com. Also, we want to say thanks to Allie brillant columnist at the hill. And he had a great story about San Francisco's homeless tax and how the guys are fighting that the ones with all the money. And thanks to gave. We're giving us a good synopsis of the Amy Wyatt house touring as hologram story and to Brandon, and Mark is one day you'll get on blocked, maybe. All right guys and a couple of days they easing. Thanks for checking out the right time with money Jones podcast. You can listen or subscribe on the ESPN app apple podcasts or every listen to podcast, go right time with Bomani Jones..

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