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Rick Lewis, Kathy Lee here. Dave, logan. Will join us at six we told you Rockies win Jake, but tears is other ACL today. And then the the Cavanaugh hearing, which ran all day care way. Carried the early part live the the testimony from Dr Ford, unfortunately, he didn't get to hear the the cavenaugh testimony because the Rockies were on. Well, I don't know how you would look at that is unfortunate or not. I don't know if people wanna talk about the hearing, we can if you'd like to if you have comments you can give us a call three zero three seven one three eight five eight five if you'd rather talk about the Rockies, we can do that too. It's pretty big deal. What's going on with the Rockies? But but really historical day in Washington today that will go down. I think I think what you what you watch today. We'll be talking about people will be talking about for decades to come on. What happened today with the the the Senate committee? So it's up to you guys. Obviously, we just ran a Rockies game for about four hours. So. Maybe the list people that are listening to KOA are more into the Rockies at this point. I would guess if you were into the hearing you would have been watching that on TV and not listening to the rocky. So we're leaving it open. You. We talk about whatever you want to talk about. Then the Jake but injury as well, which is a big deal, especially for Jake. But but a big deal for the Broncos to they were really counting on him to be a factor catching passes from the tight end position. They really haven't had a pass catching tight end here since Julius Thomas. I believe. Yeah. And before that it was like, Tony Shuffler. And Shannon Sharpe. Yeah. So he was a guy that the the Broncos were were really counting on and he just had so much potential. I feel bad for him. Text line, by the way is five six six nine zero. You can text us if you want as well..

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