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Podcast. Segment we discussed. Future with watch. I think that he'll play out his last year. Deal was but I. DO think you'll end up leaving. Be Interesting to see which teams could potentially. Potentially WANNA go after. And so. You know John Walls. Future may be limited or very. Numbered when it comes to the wizards, but I don't think his career and his playing career. Is Out of reach in terms of him still maybe making impact on an NBA team in the future. Of John Walk to stay healthy. I definitely see him still being a productive player in the league. We also tied by report the NBA. When conducting how they wanted to create this format. Wanted to try. To give Zaylon an opportunity. To still make the playoffs so in a way. Trying to find a way to get him into the playoffs, so he's not on the outside looking in because of how big of a ratings mover, he is for them. Like he was earlier in the season when he returned in also in college, and we discussed that my thoughts on that report. But, now we're going to discuss. Just, the NBA. In general! We're going to discuss? Has the NBA been the shining example? Of what an of a of a league should be! Talked about in the first segment that show. The NBA has done absolutely wonderful job with how control how they? Went about. In how they've went about planning of how the brain season back every precaution they're trying to take. But also. With they're doing right now with the protests. Not just from the office and Adam Silver, but to the players as well. And so it brings up the question of. Is the NBA The NBA The shining example all the league's need to be. They should shrive to be in terms of handling these types of situations. The NBA, one thing you can say about them is. They're very good at adjusting. On the fly, they're good at adjusting. Situations when needed they're very flexible. Li I would say you know remember. They had to change their entire calendar up because of this. If they were able to do it. They were GONNA. Come make come come with a plan. In and they still have things they're still figuring all along the way which is obviously that's a part of the process, but it seems like they're coming to the discussing every option. That could potentially be out there. Because, not only are they thinking about okay? How can we bring the season back? How can we go into the offices of how he can next season? They're also discussing. How do we want to get there? How can we still make it just as entertainment entertaining as it all as it's always been? How can we make it just as good as always been? They've talked to and discussed all of that. And then, obviously, we're talking about like I. said off outside of the court. Just the act of this the the the commitment. Everything! Don't forget all the things they did. deering. Kovacic vaulted the Horse Tournament to k. time everything how they re constantly. Doing things to donate for charity Said Room. You know you look at the other leagues and obviously I'm not. If of what I say. I am not here to take shots at anybody I'm not here to. Do any of that. But if you think about, let's say baseball obviously baseball stitch figure out what they WANNA do. Obviously they're shorter figure out. Pro Creating salaries, everything like that. We also have a GMC baseball PODCAST WATSON THAT IF YOU WANNA learn more deep inside deaf on baseball. If you're a fan of that you to check that out just just a cheek plug, but. You know they're trying to figure out how they WANNA bring the season back. How are they going to do the Games? Everything. Obviously all of that is a very big thing for them. And then be. In Baseball! MLB has never been looked at as a league. That's great at adjusting. That's great at. Moving and changing on the fly. Which is why maybe they've struggled to adapt? If, you'll could the NFL. You when you listen. If you listened to the podcast. Ethan did that we record earlier. We discussed that we discussed that. The League hasn't done the greatest job when it came to. Conducting what they WANNA do when it comes to. Everything that's been happening. Obviously the NFL's is. Cove. So literally it was just more about the offseason programming they had to worry about, but in terms of drafts and everything free agency, they could still go through with that, but when it comes to camps, they couldn't do that and they're still planning on still. Maybe having been in camp this month, training camp in July preseason, Nagas Rave season is planned on September. But every time off the off the field. Obviously people bringing up a lot with all the protests and everything what's happened with? How when when the NFL was in this position with this type of thing in their league. A lot of people feel like they alienated a man who who just wanted to create awareness of change. We're now. Something like this happens. The the NFL tries to come out and say we are behind the movement, and now you have its own player saying. Remember! What just happened to three years ago? Are you sure you're behind this movement? NHL If you heard the news with them. They decided to say hey. We're cutting out the regular. We're GONNA straighten playoffs when we come back. In like I say it's just every league has their questions. Every has things that a lot of fans breath at respective sport are very unsure about or very split on. I mean listen. There's still people who think be shouldn't be coming back. There are people who think will are we doing this Astra's by? Why would we break it back? Why not just end? I mean everybody has an argument. Everybody has developed point. It just really depends on the person..

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