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Horror Movie. It was like early nineties late eighties but I cut you off kyle. He would always say people made this movie so it deserves a half a star at least because effort goes into it So he stayed long then. Like human centipede was like this. No one who was everyone who was involved with should have stopped it and like the only one he didn't give it all comes. Carnivore does not have enough reviews. Oh for tomato number. It does have an audience score with seventeen. Hundred user ratings. So would you like to use the audience? Score? Keep in mind. These are people who searched this movie out to give their opinion so there is a score from the audience. There's an audience score. I'll take it all right so now we're going with Jamestown BOB strike back. Fifty two percent Is hostile a series like the Horror series? I don't remember if there's also okay I'm GonNa go with the part one of that one. I've never seen it so I have no idea. People is my least favorite genre movie. I don't watch movies like that. Hostels now go. It's like the. It's the human centipede Jonah to. There's a second one of that too isn't there. There's a Lotta. There's a bunch of different edits of human centipede in this whole like a Human Santa Costanza. This was almost perfect. All right Troll twenty five percent seventy five I'M GONNA take back my whole nine yards and I'm going to replace it inspired by Pats rock and roll highschool with class of Nukem high. Yeah there you go. And that's my the equivalent of like a one dollars bid on prices or just like just another bad movie hoping. Yeah I'm the only one that doesn't go over I. I should have thought about trauma. So we have rocking high school. Eighty one percent carnivore audience score twenty six percent just over all man. I just really close. We're not going to cut it out of the episode. If if you had said Roger Ebert Oh it wouldn't have made me think of carnival which is arguably one of the worst films ever all right James Object back fifty two percent hostile sixty one percent.

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