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Podcast. I'm your host sean carroll. As probably most of you know this ama is something we do almost every month. I don't do it at the end of december. Because i take the holidays off but every other month eleven times a year. We do something where patrons that essay supporters of mindscape on patron can ask me questions. They leave questions in the comments of a post. I put up on patron only cost one dollar per episode to be a patriot supporter and try to answer as many of them as i can and the patrons are the ones who suggested that going forward. We should make the answers. That is the episode. You're listening to right now public domain. So that is what we're doing so this is available a little while after the patrons get it gets released into the wild and anyone can listen I noticed that over the past couple of months. There have been an increase in the number of patrons knocking. Are you about that. And also of course we skipped last month doing the ama so as a result. We got a lot of questions this month. I think ordinarily the numbers around one hundred and this month it's closer to under seventy five hundred and eighty something like that and so it does become difficult for me to answer all the questions in a reasonable period of time. And i really want to do that so for this one. I did it you know. I just answered all the questions that i got. I did try to make the answers a little shorter than they usually would be. I reigned in mind natural inclinations. Just go on a great length on somewhat tangential topics so going forward if we continue to grow and they're contained to be more Questions asked ama's we can contemplate different strategies for what to do about that a strategy of just continuing to answer. Every question is going to be harder so for the people who support patriotic out there. If you want to leave comments about what do you prefer. You prefer just answer some subset of the questions. The first hundred questions The best hundred questions. A random hundred questions. Should i answer even fewer questions but at greater length pick the questions. I really think. Allow me to say interesting things rather than some of the questions. I have to say like no i can't i can't i don't know the answer to that. These are all possible ways going forward. I mean with the constraint. That i don't want the ama's to go on too much longer than three hours. I'm pretty open to what the strategy should be anyway. We did get a lot of questions this month. You've got some really good questions. So let's go. Peter benham.

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