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His best game of the season yesterday by seven Kathleen eleven targets seventy one yard and a touchdown. So and the touchdown did come with McCoy under center in a lot of that came with. Came quickly with McRae. Anderson. They play of course, a critical game all their games, you're going on this. Yeah. Division. So they continue on where McCoy as Thursday right through the second thanksgiving Gandhi or at Dallas time to prepare. No, not at all. And literally the he's the only quarterback like they're having in like, Mark Sanchez and EJ manual and a bunch of guys and they're like whoever the baby needs to be there. Oh, TJ Yates cousin TJ thanksgiving. We'll we'll give him a pass. Yeah. So I mean, it was interesting because whoever's the backup to cope McCoy on Thursday, we'll have been with the team for two days believable. I mean, it's brutal awful the raiders get their second win of the season. Twenty three to twenty one is the final over the cardinals and raiders are a tough tough team to watch. And they have all these injuries. Now, Brandon LA fell has touched down. And then he gets hurt. Honestly. So here's what we got into that. He it's an achilles injury, by the way for brain in the fell the number one wide receiver for the raiders at the end of that game. Yesterday was Marcel eightman yourself who is this guy seventh-round? This year for them. Elevated off the practice squad on Saturday as Peru. Hitters Mata, Adam Schefter. You know adamant I always do our fantasy longshots morning and Adam schefters fantasy longshot was Marcel eight men on Sunday morning on Sunday. NFL countdown points. Yeah. We do a whatever we do a joint broadcast between fantasy will now and down where we do a little bit of a fantasy segment that airs on both showed simultaneously, and so many self and Adam and mort do a fantasy longshots and yesterday Adams was Marcel eight minutes, so nice call there by shefty a guy that most people I don't think had heard of until yesterday the raiders play next week who they play they play the Charleston where the ravens extra that. We'll see if Doug Martin. We'll we'll get more information on Martin probably today. I will say this yet Michael gal kin who writes for the Las Vegas review journal who used to cover the chargers as a great job. Yes. He's right. Beat reporter road. Tag. Martin's saying that he was to undergo further evaluation Monday today after tweaking his ankle in the quote from Martin was I thought it was going to be one of those tweak it and just run on it and be back. Good again. But it just kept lingering Martin out the second half without any formal announcement that I could see from the raiders. So I think this be interesting because teams are supposed to tell you guys injured, but he didn't play the second half. So we thought there was something going on turns out. It's an ankle issue. That is going to be further evaluated. All righty, Andre Washington. Twelve carries yesterday tailing Rashard who finally crossed the fifty percent roster percentage to make him ineligible for the waiver wire com also handled ten carries the cardinals. It's going to be a tough twenty eight team. But I like the future of this offense with David Johnson Christian Kirk and Josh Rosen under center, I I understand it later. Fitzgerald is also an awesome player..

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