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To poke the bear episode 96. Number 96 Connor, no more players. Done. Let someone becomes number 96, which would be pretty incredible. But I'm a Marino ski. That is Connor Ryan Connor. How you doing? I'm doing okay. How you doing? Doing okay. I'm not a grave and doing okay. I can take it. I'm doing well, doing well. You know, I think bruins fans are not maybe doing so hot. And I think I'm going to infer that. Why are you saying that? I don't want to introduce someone. I don't want to infer for people how they feel. I shouldn't be there. They're spokesperson. But I'm going to be. Because I do think people are upset or annoyed on this Thursday afternoon when we record this after every exit interview has been done with players. Bruce Cassidy, Don Sweeney, and today on Thursday, this cam Neely. And people are a little upset. And I don't blame them because they've been saying this for a while. Dawn Sweeney spoke on Wednesday, Camille spoke Thursday. And basically confirmed, we'll start the show off with this. The Sweeney will be back. Don Sweeney will be back as general manager. And not just for one year, but they're going to try to try to hammer out a pretty solid extension. I don't think it's going to be, I think it would be definitely more than one year. I don't think you're just going to be like, oh, here's another year. Let's try this again. What is your initial reaction to that? I mean, I'm not necessarily surprised by it. I think you could you could look and see it his situation, whether it be kind of his status as, I guess, kind of a lame duck GM going into this season or kind of the valid criticism he had and be like, all right, well, there's over time to make a move. It'd be now, which again, I think that's a very valid decision, but in terms of I'm viewing it from the bruins perspective and management, which I'm sure will be talking about quite a bit in this episode and probably in the weeks, months ahead. From their perspective, it seems like it's one thing where they want to see what Sweeney can do in terms of forging that kind of next chapter for this organization, which is kind of a scary thought. Again, I think Sweeney, it's one of those ones where there's obviously the criticism is there in terms of the drafting development, not supplementing this core in place with adequate talent. And then you can also make the argument that he's done a good job in terms of retaining talent with below market deals. Acquiring guys like lindholm, which very well could have I think maybe saved his job..

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