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Down just one of those ballots control with one another blank in the box. One drink and cancel like his big and it was long but it was. It was firm at times and it was made up. It's made up of two women in the actual creature was made up of to dance women and one man that did the head. There's three people working that body. Would they really interesting onset really interesting onset because when they would always do the scene of this all the guys would end up being onset and it was because the too hot girls that were the base of the body. Get out of the thing. And i guess they were just absolutely beautiful women that were doing it. So it's kind of interesting. That character becomes this whole symbol of one of the villains in the symbol of leaving the human centipede dancers squeaker. Who is your favorite creature. Pick one for me. I honestly don't i. i couldn't pick one. What was that bird thing was a fucking supposed to be an angel. Angel ornament is Weird looking angel. And what about the bag. So the bags left on the porch. And then you know. We see the bag later on. What in the world we're in there. I mean you guys boxes that all the toys came out to attack everyone. That's where they came from the box. Okay i figured that out on the second watch today. I kept trying to figure it out and i thought well maybe it was just the box where they grandmother kind of looks in the bag and all those come out or even though they don't show it's pretty deep movie It's kind of like inception with christmas. Cheer and able does have dreams within dreams within dreams so good as well. We're gonna get to the me. Because i don't know that everyone's going to be on the same page with the. I'm sure they're not. Let's get this day where we're at and talk about. Let's talk about you know. Santa always comes down the chimney and the whole play of the chimney. Did you not think that when the boy was going up the chimney a little willie wonka kind of feel to that. Augusta glueck getting sucked through the tube. Sure yeah i did actually have that. Have that feel good. You feel good that that kid bites the big one by binding gingerbread man. Yeah that's the way he should go. Yeah he's kind of you waited for gingerbread men to come out you film like imad. Budget wise was like fifteen million dollar film and then of course it gross box office. I think it was like sixty one and a half million dollars so from a financial standpoint. It was a success. Do you think this was a as big a success. Now when you watch this bum or do you think the answer and this would be a easy that i think it's a complete success. Yeah i get. It works on all levels. It's gonna be a new holiday tradition. But what about all those movies. You just got the other day. Laura oh this part of a franchise. There are like twelve twelve of them. I don't know if they're related to it. This is the only concern by itself. Standalone film cramps origins was a continuation of the story. After this came out a around like us on a lower budget kinda films To try to know kind of cash in on the.

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