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Freezing. So it is a problem. Anything that isn't treated, especially coming out of the neighborhoods actually, first step out the door could be slipper this morning. It is very cold. Now we're in on the surgical expressway. It's all right, had a couple of earlier accidents now gone one eastbound at university off to the side and then westbound that Roosevelt Boulevard All off to the side veer off even a couple inches off the shoulder. You're going to be in some icy conditions, So just keep your hands on the wheel and stay on the road. You'll be okay. It's been treated, but we have a lot of piled up snow on the shoulders looking good for the most part, 95 south towards center city already getting busy down towards Allegheny. Had an accident. A problem? Actually, a couple broken down vehicles on South 95 near the comedy Very Bridge in Delaware County is all because of icy Can a pothole in the center lane depend on not on the way to take care of that. We have some problems now below Quakertown south on 309 years, Zion Hill Road, a fairly serious accident and quickly starting to back up that south of thrown 309 below Quakertown police arriving onto the scene. Pennsylvania Turnpike looks fairly clear this point We unfortunately, haven't overturned vehicle accident in North Philadelphia, south down Broad Street at Clearfield police directing around that From New Jersey is good, but all Delaware River bridges posting 25 mile per hour speed limit because of the possible LASIK conditions in the P. J. Fitzpatrick Home Improvement 24 hour Traffic Center. I'm Sam Clover. Now, the five day forecast with NBC 11th Alert meteorologist Bill Henley. That report is sponsored by Fisher Investments clear skies in a very cold start this morning.

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