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Effort to get it right 'cause everything just comes to them seemingly so easily in the film i forgot to mention a tommy lee jones also plays a retired war hero and reporter who's actually wrote the book for we were soldiers that we actually introduced to him in the movie is on the press tour for we were soldiers the mel gibson film and it's just so nothing in this film works i mean meal jovovich plays woody harrelson wife was ridiculous scene where an hour in the movie she suggests that he's gonna get death threats and the organization is gonna come to get them as to introduce some sort of some phony suspense into the film does lead to by the only seen the movie i liked those where they actually the next morning do get a death threat at the office and they bring it into the office of rod writers editor and he correct the the email only few in the movie i liked the movie needed more of that kind of just reverence or your humor and stuff this a film bat i mean it's it's hard to watch at times it feels like a third rate reporter on a first story and getting it all wrong and then the story just blows up in flames it's it's really unfortunate you know especially considering that we're just coming off movies like the post and spotlight from years ago these are movies that get the task of journalism right this movie just seems to be you know a collection of scenes n speeches and you know throwing and jessica biel as a love interest in the bill of the movie for absolutely zero reason no this is this is bad yes terrible i mean like really really terrible you've talked about speechifying every single scene and rob reiner who obviously plays the editor is terrible in this movie and it's just nothing but it seems to me like i don't know about you eric but i think they got almost everything done in one take it just seems like it just totally feels that way because the line readings are so stiff especially rob reiner rob reiner is clearly you know and again as you said god bless him he's you know he's an outspoken you know he's an outspoken guy in these times and and and you know politics easy he's he's a smart guy politically any of these making a lot of statements in real life but this is not real life this is supposed to be a movie you're supposed to be telling a story acting and it's just speech after every one of his lines of dialogue has some sort of like message or speech or really heavyhandedness every single line of dialogue that he has that's why i like that scene where he corrects email because he doesn't say a word yeah uses pen.

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