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If you look at you look a little closer, like Steven Valkyrie sent me data from clear set analytics, they went from first and expected goals generated off the rush to 14th. They went from first in breakaways generated the 25th this year, right? They're clearly changed the way now you send me some stuff from sport logic as well that you have access to. And I believe only the bruins generate more off the cycle in terms of chances than they do the season, which they were good at that last year as well. But to me, I think that was part of the logic beyond just the contract status in the age of the trade they made this off season was they wanted to diversify their offensive approach and change the way they play and Matthew kachak is one of the best players in the league at playing from below the goal line and creating as a playmaker from there. And so I think all of that makes sense. I can't say it's a bit disappointing because they were so fun last year, so it's a bit disappointing in that regard. I think they're better than their results are shown that so far this year. I think it's also okay because this was always going to be a bit of a bridge here for them in the grand scheme of things, at least functionally, right? Like if you look Patrick was 5.3 million expires after this season, they gained 5.3 million in cap savings with buyouts expiring for both, I believe Scott darling and Keith yandle, right? I think it's going to be tough to do still. I imagine the moment they gave Spencer and I, the extension they did. They basically were like, we have to trade. So give a Broadsky, no matter the price, this off season, right? I know there's a lot of loops to jump through to facilitate that. But you're not going to be paying 14.5 million through golden in position. That's just not going to happen, right? And so after they pay bobrovsky signing bonus, this is off season. I believe he's only old like $17 billion in real cash, over his final three seasons, which is not nothing, but much more manageable. It's going to cost them a lot to get out from that, but I think there's going to be motivation to do so. And so the point I'm trying to make here is I'm still actually encouraged because of what Matt you could chuck has looked like in a Panthers uniform and what he's shown so far. I still think in the grand scheme of things, it was the right business decision and write hockey move. Now, unfortunately, there were always going to take a bit of a step back this year. You look at how close to the cap they are, right? There's been nights where they have injuries. They just can't dress a full lineup. They have no wiggle room whatsoever. They basically need everyone to be healthy at all times. And as soon as someone drops off, all of a sudden, the deaf chart is completely in shambles. And so I think that's going to remedy itself a bit over time moving into the future. And so I'm still encouraged by them, but it's clearly disappointing that they're just not nearly as fun as they were last season. Yeah. I think you hit the nail on the head with the transition year.

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