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American Airlines pilots. Union wants the government to buy middle seats. And this comes from the Allied Pilots Association of the APA. And they're her proposing in a white paper that the government by seats so that no passenger has to sit next to a stranger. Interesting concept, it'll have much in the way of legs, but interesting idea. Yeah. It sounds expensive to me. I'm not sure that the US to go for this <hes>, but certainly give them Kudos for trying <hes>. It sounds a little bit like <hes> another stimulus package, or you know perhaps a bailout, but you know they're. They're saying that they'd like to see the <hes> government by <hes>, some minimum number of seats at average twenty, nine thousand nine hundred fares well Gosh. That's that's a sweetheart deal. Especially when you figure, fares are probably less than half of what they were last year. I'm guessing. What what what have you seen? Miami Reconfirms Affairs? What I've seen a little bit of everything. Really although it's kind of hard to tell because a lot of times when I have to be position from one side of the country to another the travel department will <hes> obviously by this ticket on very short notice, and obviously those takes a bit more expensive so <hes>. <hes> but overall I have seen <hes> when I when I book my travel to be at the beginning of my patterns, <hes> I have a couple of days to kind of look around. See what works best and overall I have seen a an overall decrease in the prices. Of those of those tickets, but then again. <hes> I am no longer able to book anything direct from from Phoenix to Cincinnati. I have to sometimes <hes>. You know to change planes twice, which is unheard of just a few months ago there? There's still certain certainly tons of will. They used to be certain twin tons of direct flights on South West from Phoenix Cincinnatian an even American Airlines so. But now obviously having a change your airplanes. Once or twice, it's really really a pain, but up to answer. Your question is i. have seen prices go down. If you plan accordingly well there. There's the other solution is just have the airlines take out the middle seats. You'll lose weight. You Save Gas. You know and. Am I wrong I if you're paying somebody. If there were going to do it as current prices. It's probably better that everybody's interest just to take out the middle seats. You know and Just for the weight savings and the efficiency of it than it is to you know, try to have the government. You know. Is How much the middle see how much a middle seat is worth. To every airline, you know, 'cause a middle seat to South West is not the same as middle seat to. American or United? This is fine, but why don't we just? I don't know. We've all wanted. The middle seats eliminated anyway, so let's just eliminate the. Row IF YOU WANNA learn more about the as <hes> concept here. They came up with a great acronym. <hes> seats as he ats for the so at seats probably came first, and then the IT stands for safe essential air transportation seating and gave them a link to that, and in the show notes, and yeah, it is based on available seat. Miles by airline scaled to available seat miles. ASM's in two thousand nineteen, so they're they. They've come up with a calculation here. That tries to <hes> not give anyone airline an advantage, but certainly <hes> sure interested in learning more about this you can. You can check out their white paper. It's not hugely long or difficult to read. <hes> but the the executive summary simply states under seats this concept the government would purchase enough seats on each flight to eliminate the need for any passengers. Sit next to a stranger. Thanks to uniform social distancing passengers would be more would be encouraged to fly more here. Lines would be encouraged to operate more flights, and the government would ensure the preservation of critical transportation infrastructure and associated jobs, so partners wouldn't have sit next to each other. Kids would not have to be in in seats next strangers. A whole good thing. I think there is one problem with that I. Mean when you said I thought. Hey, that's a great idea. And I started thinking about any time I've seen. After the fact seats usually those three are all joined together I don't think you can just pull out the middle seat. Does anybody know for sure my recollection is? It's one unit well at <hes>. It's <hes>. It's quite common actually in Europe. When you fly Intra Europe. On on business class or quote unquote, business class. The first couple of roses seats will be will be your standard. Your standard three abreast you know the left hand the right. But the middle seat. The lumbar support of the middle seat actually falls down, and that becomes kind of like a little table between the two seats on the left, and on the right window and the aisle. So that's that's that's kind of one way of doing that. But to that point the whole social thing. I find it kind of interesting because it <hes>. Yeah, it's it's. It's one of those feel good. Thanks to hectic to have your seat, mate, you know once he depart from you and that's great and all that stuff, but at the end of the day. Airs being recirculated in. It's all the same pressurization and air conditioning system. Obviously you know running that air through filters and everything else and the introduction of some new air into the cabin, being tapped from the engines through the bleed air system, but at the end of the day you're opening the same air. Obviously like I said Oh precautions are taken and all that stuff, but it really does matter whether you're sitting on top of each other or not.

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