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A like a bela actress. Grades is love having suspending privileged. When i feel unsafe such as an airport going through the scanner. I always had anomaly between my legs sets off the alarm. So she says when i go through the the scanner. I have an anomaly. That's between my legs that sets off the alarm and so she asked me if anything hansen told her. No she's like well. Maybe it's just like the metal on your scan you again. So i did and then it set it off again and i was like look. I'm transplant me down. So am i saying this. I'm saying this. So the young lady the lady at the tsa says there might be metal on your stuff and on your shorts and the rose says no. I'm trans can you just pat me down and can we get on with us. You know i've got. I still have the plumbing and my unit for all intents purposes so here you go. This is the end. There's there's a flip side to this. Hold on per solution. Why do you want to be scanned a man instead. I didn't but ended up doing it. And then my boobs off the scanner because you wanna be scanning the man. She's like no but i did. She got scanners the man then because she's got fake boobs it triggered or another sensor that went off the same. You're not supposed to have these. Of course i try to make a joke. I was like oh yeah. There's a lot of plastic in there. That's fine so then she was like okay. Well we have to pat you down and she was like. Do you want man to do it. I said no absolutely not so. If you're a transgender in your woman i guess you represent a woman i guess you would feel bad feel uncomfortable having a man patchy down would you not but if a woman you down and they feel the unit's your what made you a male is what kind of harm and mental anx is going to give the. Tsa person. i don't want to. I wouldn't want to do it. I don't want to pat down a woman who's now a man and say look all report. That's kind of weird. It's some supposed to be. There was enough there. I don't know i'm just thrown out there. I'm just throwing out there to get your feedback and your feedback is very easy to get us. Just gonna profit radio. Radio dot com. Click on the be hurt session. Let me know how you think about that. How how the person. Tsa should handle that or if you yourself have been through this all right when we come back. I got a couple more things in my wife's going to like this coming up to new ice cream. That's out there. It's going to be her favorite. And then we'll let you guys get back to what you gotta do. Your listen live right here on profit radio from hollywood mom to celebrity stylist influence and bravo reality star alley. Levin has a brand new podcast. This podcast is called for motherhood fashioned lifestyles and spiritual well-being alley interviews celebrities experts entrepreneurs and so much more. Find everything with alli levine on itunes spotify and support podcasts on anchors. Well you're listening to that explains a lot in. My mark. Evans is simple question for you. How many times you to buy a gift for someone in the office or someone in the office. Many times a friend of the family a family a family member. Sometimes you just don't know what to do or what to get him to dnc. Vox dot com establish in two thousand sixteen. You can pick count anything that you want. Each box is guaranteed designed for you from the geek nerd video game style camping meditation yoga and fitness hunger spiritual and beautiful as well. Go to d. n. t. box dot com and.

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