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And they're all still alive. When I went there, we I literally eight, you know, they have you know, like China town. Like that. So I think I think I was there for like four or five days, I think China tally three days. Yeah. Loosen Chinatown lookout. What's that? I saw Ted Kennedy a restaurant. Yeah. What was he doing never mind? Did he have the waitress on? Whatever he was having an appetizer with him in his Powell what's his name. What's that guy? The former Senator of Connecticut. Frank. No, no, not Barney Frank the other one dodd-frank Chris Dodd. Oh, yeah. Chris Dodd were they doing the the waitress sandwich. Did you actually partake watching? That wonder why you're scarred? That explains it I just tip the waitress like with cash kept it simple. By the way, it should be noted since I've been ripped as a Jain know this morning, and I really can't argue that our boy here t- hell over here. You can catch them on YouTube. What's your YouTube channel again? It's oh, yeah. It's a hell. Yeah. Oh, hell, yeah. That's HA. L E H A L E. Yep. Great content, by the way, good long-form interviews up. Good stuff. Anyway, are boy. Oh boy. Here is wearing open foot. Sandals. Okay. Does anything reek of metro sexual more than open foot sand heterosexual metro is? He wearing socks with that. No shocks. Okay. No. No. No. No. It doesn't even matter. It doesn't matter. If he's wearing socks. Okay. When guys wear open foot sandals. It's metro sexual what it's metro said. It's one hundred degrees. Doesn't matter. It doesn't. It doesn't matter. It doesn't. It doesn't make any difference. Okay. I I'll feet or the most disgusting party or anatomy. Okay. And that's on women and on men. Are you? Sure, you have not talked to my wife. I am the anti Rex Ryan. I don't know. If you all know what that means. Okay. He has his he's he's got this foot fetish. Okay. I don't I've never understand the foot. The foot the human foot, male or female is disgusting. Right. I have a question. Do you agree or disagree with this room? Who can tell us don't you? You have a foot fed. No, I'm asking you say anything, but you know, I have hot feet. It's a thing. Now, you don't have hot such thing as they sweat. It's like I too. I have shoes on it could be accessed as tossed around could be blood. I don't think it's either one of those. You're acting like this is a mystery. When you go in the car, it's got a dial where you can turn the air to your feet. And I know that because engineers, no, this is the thing. Yeah. But usually do that. 'cause you don't wanna blow it in your face. You don't do that. Because you're feeder. I mean, just turn it off. If you don't want bottom line is this. Open foot. Sandals are metro-sexuals. If I brought you in front of congress to testify today about this. I feel like you would promise to show up in the not come. I would make demands. Yeah. All right now. I mean. How congress has no power. What's either? By the way. I haven't even gotten to the cavenaugh stuff. All I'm gonna get into the cavenaugh stuff. Don't you worry about that? Okay. I'm even talking about Google. No. We're not gonna show up and congress is like, well, okay. You don't want to show off snow problem? You're not to the days when you were called to testify you better get your ass to testify, then she volunteer to. Yeah. We're not talking about her yet. But that whole thing when they brought it all these leftists from all these social media. What was it last week or the week before Facebook Twitter, Google said we're not gonna show up and they don't Joab Congress's power. I would go I would have somebody go, and I don't know who the head of Google is who they demanded showed up show up, and we're going to send this part. We're going to send a subordinate instead. Hold on a second. You don't make the rules. Okay. We make the rules for better or worse. When the lawmakers, not you you don't tell us where you're not going to show up. And so the Google isn't show up. And of course, they're non biased as they all. All right. I mean, it's just laughable, and so they don't show up and what does congress do? Okay. No problem. I feel like blacked out for a second. When you asked if I look toes and now we're on Google like what just happened here. Well, we just segue. Okay. You're not anymore in socks. Let me Google. Let me Google metro sexual. I think that I think what comes up as men who wear. Don Johnson Miami. Vice and you're giving me a hard time at work. Yeah. That's that's cool style. Like those woven loafers with no socks on. Listen, if I Google metro sexual I'll betcha the first thing we come up say men wearing open flips hand already Google picture of sideshow. Their pop up right away. Oh, yeah. It was his sweaty hot feet so to speak. You won't do it. He just wanted to see his brow question. Yes. Or no the foot on man or woman. Okay. Because I don't want to be deemed a a foot est. Okay. Who has the foot fetish in this room? Tell me that is the is the human foot the most disgusting part of the anatomy. No, you think you think feeder sexy? If you start moving your way up like if you get familiar with the rest of the anatomy, you're gonna find that. That's not true. Oh my God. Listen, putting putting the shoe on is. Okay. Okay. That makes it, you know. Hot or not. But the footage self the bare naked foot is gross compare say that about mine and everybody else's compared to nothing just just say. It is the most disgusting part of the human anatomy is the foot and you wanna show yours off. And I'm sick and bite. It I may throw you outta here. This isn't like a self centered thing, I'm just disgusted show up at the very least get a pedicure, man. Do you have nail polish on? I mean foot putt toll polish slacker, and blacker you wearing lacquer on your metro-sexuals. No, I don't need locker I'm entre and you're wearing a dodgers hat to by the way. Which is just an outrage come out. Now, he's got to go. All right. Quick break. Ladies and gentlemen. Don't worry. Don't you worry? This is one guy who's not afraid to tell you about this professor and the liar that she is. Don't worry. We're not afraid to call out. This woman for what she is. She's a liar. And we'll get into all the details about this. Bogus nonsense. Okay. On judge cavenaugh. But wait DC. Will we open with cassia, really? They have. They have the really the hard core news there on top of the, ladies and gentlemen. It's the morning ritual. He's decide show. I'm not. I'm Bruce China. I'm jay. I'm wearing that cap today. It's the morning ritual on KFI AM seven ninety Tucson's. Most stimulating talk the morning ritual with Gary Lewis, I'm a big believer in protecting your assets. I mean, listen, you listen to this show. And you're like, I don't want the government taking my money out of doing this. It makes sense. Right. Well, which is why you need to call Zach and Schmidt's. Ron's actional Schmitz, you know, what they do estate planning. I mean, if you don't want the government like you go to your tax guy. You're like, hey, make sure I keep as much as I can. I don't think we're gonna have to. I don't want the government money. You get mad when you take your.

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