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N. Clemson plea for college football's national championship to receive a warm welcome and they walked on the field during the pregame ceremonies but left before Ellis you claim the title beating Clemson the defending champion forty two to twenty five St Louis is first black prosecutor is suing the city of the police union and others for what she calls racist efforts to block her reform agenda St Louis public radio's Rachel Lipman has more on the federal lawsuit filed by circuit attorney Kim Gardner the lawsuit has its roots in the two thousand eighteen prosecution of then Missouri governor Crichton's Gardner hired an outside investigator to work on that case he is now facing perjury charges first conduct lawsuit describes a tangle of connections between those looking into that investigator grains as defense team the Saint Louis police officers association and gardeners opponents in two thousand sixteen the suit calls them quote entrenched interests acting together to stop her from performing Saint Louis is criminal justice system Gardner is seeking monetary damages a spokesman for the city calls the accusations meritless a police union official named in the lawsuit says it's the last act of a desperate woman friend P. R. news I'm ritual that men in Saint Louis and trial Snyder in Washington Hey there it's David green people have lots of stories about their cars that long summer road trip the first hand me down the first car you bought on your own but cars can generate.

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