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On the large Larson show, which is, you know, conservative talk radio. What was that You were saying about my voice? It's loud. It's strong, and it's good. And I appreciate your support. Honestly, provocative talk. This is a very big Deal with Lars Larson. Larson. Don't sit yet. You don't like this. Here's yours, Larson. Welcome back. Lars Larson, Joe. It's a pleasure to be with you on this Tuesday night, some big decisions being made by American voters in various states around this country, including the attempted comeback. Jeff Sessions, who's running against Tommy Tuberville in Alabama will talk about that. In just a moment. The tragic death of George Floyd has brought out BLM is true colors. Are they all peaceful as the protesters claim to be, Ah, and as the mainstream media claims or not, travellers coming from other countries are required to quarantine Should states do the same for travelers traveling between states With only four months until the presidential election on the China virus still looming? What changes will America Face this November. By the way, Hillary Clinton says she's concerned that Donald Trump won't quietly accept. The result of one of the election is well. Hillary Clinton has not quietly accepted the result of the 2016 election, and it's been almost four years. Is she being a bit hypocritical there and take a moment to cast a vote in my Twitter poll, you'll find it to places At Lars Larson Show on Twitter, Of course and Lars Larson. Dotcom are great website where everything is free. The streaming the podcast. The author links all of that. The only thing that might cause you bucker to those great challenge coins made by a veterans group in Georgia, Our Twitter poll tonight If the schools cannot reopen this fall, should the resource is instead go to parents. To find.

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