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We told you earlier that Billy Beane, who's been with the ace since 1990, according to The Wall Street Journal, The VP may leave the A's after 30 years if his group Red Ball Acquisition Corporate corporation is purchased. By Fenway Sports Group, which would make it a conflict of interest for him to be involved with the Red Sox in the A's and the talk is that Billy may no longer be in baseball and may pursue efforts. In the world of soccer. Well, well that headlines out there. Bob Nightingale of the U. S. A Today is tweeting out right now that the White Sox who said good bye to Rick rent to re as their manager, despite the fact that team reached the playoffs. Are planning to reach out to Tony LaRussa, the Hall of Fame manager and former manager of the White Sox for their managerial opening Lakers win their 17th title in six years and six games. Four games to two and last year they did not make the playoffs This year. They want it all. LeBron gets the M v P. He's got four rings and four finals. M P. P's Tampa beat Houston today 42 to go to Owen, The CS In the Braves Get a solo Jack from Freddie Freeman there leading the Dodgers won Nothing in Game one of the NLCS Monday night Football underway Justin Herbert the Chargers in New Orleans. Against Michael Thomas, less New Orleans Saints club and no score so far in that one, those your half past headlines. Now back to Tolbert, Kruger and Brooks on KNBR 1045 and 6 80, ft sports leader. All right. Time. Talk a little Niner football. Little pack 12 football with our friend Todd Husak. Recon here calling Stanford games and about Yeah, called three weeks. Uh, Three weeks or so, from now played at Stanford.

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