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Like, a cat or a dog, mosier, Dicky. Just saying that just goes hand in hand with what you're saying. I always say this way, we did these photo fundraisers and lots of people show up with the pets. You will be stunned love to observe such a good lesson for me when we do these voter fundraise, it's upset people in the pets. But one of the things that people do they just can't seem to ask the doubt to sit in a nice manner. I don't mean the ducks in a nice, man. I mean this for people to say to the dog, sit can you sit for me. George will you sit for me. No, they have to shout in a very angry way like rapid fire. It's bizarre. It's so bizarre, and it's confusing to adopt because dogs understand tone, the understand tone and intention, and that's through some great research that happened if the if there's no intention behind the tone, and they don't match up the dog does not believe that. But if if they're together the dog will understand it so to shouts it just makes no sense in an angry, man. It makes no sense whatsoever. But I see that all the time. It's so we had and you can just ask your doctor sit. I mean, I can say that to my daughter. I just can't use it for me. They just sit look this so fabulous and a rallying to say. Anyway, I just give him a trait. Which is another thing too. You dog does not always have to do a trick. Or a command to get a treat. They don't you can just give him a treat. Anyway. So where was I going with this? I think that's the end of that one. But basically understand your cats behavior what is normal. Don't get mad normal behavior. Don't get mad at cat that scratches. There are lots of things you can do to provide enrichment that satiate then need to be a cat. There are many ways you can do that. Remember the show we had with the unique cat feeding system. Yes. It's funny. You mentioned the cat forget, she's a veterinarian can't veterinarian. She came up with a feeding system that is close to how cats naturally feed, which is not into sittings a day wildcat hunting. Yes needs. It was it what it is it. It's revolutionary. It is changing the lives of cats, and it's. Changing the lives of the people can't live with it is eliminating behaviors it is reducing obesity and cats, and it's elevating cats. Feelings of well being and being happy. And I'll tell you why because cats feed normally cats would feed small and often throughout the day. They would catch the food. Yeah. Good thing because it keeps their energy up throughout the day. So what they do is. They hunt for their food. They play with they kill it can play with it. Then they eat it. Then they sleep. Yeah. And if you can't satisfy the prey drive, you're gonna have a fairly depressed cat because how else is you're going to get that. Such device is prey drive. If you feed it twice a day and has to you for food eliminates this need to go and find its food. So she what did she originally called the business because she changed it to Phoebe and Desi, I think oh, can you such that for me? Jim, I think it's Phoebe and desert just search that on on Facebook for me, but it was a different name prior to. And I'm glad they changed the name because it kind of didn't click with what their product was let me tell you what it is imagine. This is my best description. Poop bag hold. It. Looks like it's like a small captial, and there are five of those. And on the outside of them is a very thick like is nylon canned of fabric gem, and it's got tassels on the end of it. And you put your food inside of him. You cannot currently put Kibble inside of it. And then you hide they're in different areas of the home. So this can want keep your cat active really important to keep them active and challenging and they get to find the food because it's got tassels on. It's like a toy as well. So they get to play with it. So they found their food to get to play with it. They eat their food, and they sleep and then repeat the head formal times throughout the day. Darkened freebies car dot com. Feebis cat what doc and feebis cat company? That's wrecks on new. She changed the name. I love how by the way. I met her a supervisor this year. She was on the show. We'll replay that shook such a good show. But so great to see how would love to hang out with her a little bit more more. But she's actually a veterinarian and she's well well well well versed on cats anyway. So she crazies product, and she starts getting these incredible emails and videos back saying, I have a very happy cap. Now, my cat has lost weight. My cat is active, and they're just more more of a cat satis satisfy cap, and she said, it's the most amazing thing to receive those emails in those videos because she's she's she understands cats so incredibly well. She's trying to work on something. She can put wet food in it. But. She'll get there. She will get there. Because ideally, you want cast have what food because you want them to have moisture in the diet really important that moisture in the diet, and unless you've got a cat that goes and drinks on command. Then you need to you need to put the moisture back into their diet for them. But. She's a fantastic veterinarian. Isn't she JIMBO Dr fee again? Doc, doc, fees cat, company dot and Phoebe Cadogan Phoebe dot com. Okay. At the end. Thank you for that. But yeah. So so this is this is what we're talking about about letting your cat cat understanding cat behaviors. And you can get so much information. It the so much out there. It's very exciting. A couple of the veterinarians that you can follow is a doctor, Dr Motti Becker. And also, Dr Sophia yin she she did pass away, but still continues and all findings researches on that. If you want to know a little bit more about cats. That was a long long. Let's take a quick break. We'll be back when we come by took a little bit about fear free certification and a pit bull ban. And. Yeah, that's that's always a big topic. Isn't it? We'll be right back. Listen to Vegas rock dog radio with me Samuel host the Queen of rock and roll dogs. Kosheh? I love cleaning the litterbox said, no one ever. Luckily, there's world's.

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