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Did the baby eh dawn on. What's going on Twang Bro? What do I want I although today? Yeah that allowed to say that allowed a fix it fix it a real pro fixing the one that invented rapper. Cereal would've fixed it without saying. Yeah so what do you your online store. I know it's relaunching in February. I want to tell everybody because he was panicked about it. But it's it's going to relaunch in February. What's it called so flow snacks so flow snacks? Snacks from around the world around the world is from Japan Turkey everywhere every caller reserve deserve all crazy stuff. So how did you get into this crazy business because like food God thing so January of two dozen nineteen a couple of my my friends and I were just sitting around where we gotta figure something out the next next big thing like we got to sell something that no one else is doing. Everyone's got a clothing line. Everyone's got you know Different fantasy may make sure everybody's not doing everybody loves it does and everybody's right so we just thought what about the serial we started seeing that everyone's buying sodas from Japan and cereals from Europe and whatever and so we're like let's get into it. Let's see what kids would pay for for it right. So we just went local. We started buying these serials from around the around the country around the world or wherever the stuff that you can't find here and so we started telling our friends. Hey we got these serials in it. I didn't want them fifteen dollars a pop. These kids were buying left and right they were paying Osceola social media everywhere. Bragging Sodas I got a little. Like the sodas like it's fake right. Yeah and during this time it was like we were using just cash. Then what are serious not serious. What are some of those desserts? And things in sodas were going crazy right so vanilla cream candidate dry was really big. Because they don't have that in American. Oh that's only Canada As far as fans as Japanese Fanta Banana Yogurt Banana Fanta from Japan Lee. Chee Flavor Fanta all these different these. He's flavors a Fanta. People love them here because they're so sweet in America they wouldn't add that much sugar to these sodas But but yeah so basically what we did did we just started selling these to our friends and people locally and we started seeing how big it was getting so we need a website. We need to put all these on a website and we need to start shipping them across Austin country because everyone was come. They wanted from Montana. Wisconsin California everywhere so so we started the website and we started shipping. These out and everyone was was buying them and we were doing well and I believe it was around. What time of.

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