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Katie k radio. It is the voice of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh is soggy. Because of that cold, November rain to go ahead and plant that song in your head as the night goes on sing along eight six six three nine one ten twenty if you'd like to call and don't forget the right automotive text line. It's the best deal in Pittsburgh. Text me at eight six six three nine one ten twenty. I had a little bit of free time this week. And I watched people react. And then I walked people react to the reaction because that to me is when it's most interesting. And I want to know your reaction. I sat earlier this week and said, oh, I can't wait to get wanna hear what people think about this. The media and the president are not playing nice. If it was a play date. You wouldn't meet them at the park again. And there's there's there's enough blame to go around. But. It went one step further than it needed to. I watched the video. I saw it. I saw it. The only person I felt sorry for was the poor girl that standing there. What do I do at the Mike? I don't know what it would. And you know, like five six months ago, she texted one apprentice, I've got a job at the White House thing ever. And there she has to give me a Mike give me tonight. He. Jim acosta. Is. An amazing journalist has had a massive career, and we'll be much longer. Remember media anything than I could ever hope to be. Karma. But he needs to recognize that the story is not about him. And he moved when he refuses to yield. He's making the story about him. And in those press conferences. If it if there's mutual respect. Whatever question. Good. Get cut off would be rephrased and asked by the next person that guy called on. But that's the that whole groups dysfunctional too. On the other side of it. Gem buddy, you got set up and you bought into it. The president would went after you. And as the saying goes, you get your dander up. Everyone looked ridiculous. But if the press is to be believed, the press has to be the gatherers of the story. The press can't be the story. Because then we just go deeper down into that. That reality show rabbit hole. Now where it got even weirder was Sarah Huckabee Sanders shared a video that had been edited. Poorly. She shared the video of her official Twitter account to justify the White House decision to pull Jim's ticket on press credentials. And it was edited. It was it I seen them anymore. Remember, what website doesn't matter? But I watched it is like it's not even a good at it. Is ridiculous. C plus seriously. If you're in television production one on one that attempt to zoom in to make things look. That's the kind of edit that you would do if the project was due in five minutes. Today. The president went a step further drug side note, if you're going to continue to get insulted every time, the president says something degrading towards a woman or towards a woman of color you. Don't wear yourself out. Okay. The press has to be above it. And I can be tough. But guess what it's gotta be above it and Jim Acosta getting called and unprofessional person. And you're a bad person, and boo and all that. You make so much more of an impression regarding your Bellizzi by standing there and continuing to be professional. And there is a very weird, but very tangible the unwritten rules of a press conference. Pecking order the whole deal everybody if you've sat and more than two or three of them you start figuring out if you pay attention..

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