Andrew Cuomo, Assault, Herman discussed on The Rush Limbaugh Show


It's taught Herman on for rush limbaugh. We're talking about New York and this this incredible it just it is an assault as I see it on the Jewish. Community do recognize the Democrat governors have gone nuts someone just it's like someone flipped a switch. and said, go full crazy go F- go full tyranny just. Flip the switch. In, let's shut down the churches and let's make this clear that hey, listen you can write the we got that's that's all. That's all old news. Here's the news. Andrew Cuomo. Andrew Cuomo went and Used a fourteen year old photo. To pretend it was today's Jewish community. Up to go into synagogue. And he made this threat? To Drek to the Jewish community. I mean if you don't obey the rules I'm going to shut things down. And they put up.

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