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Sweet talk your way out of it, or you can make up excuses and they'll buy them. You've gotta give somebody permission to keep you accountable noth-. You don't have a coach who you work with by coach Amelie a business coach or a mentor. Someone of that nature, then you need to find maybe a friend or a fellow entrepreneur like, listen, if you've got friends who are entrepreneurs, even if they're not in same business. This is such an awesome trade to call your friend and say, okay, listen, I've got this big project and a need to get it done and keep procrastinating, and so I need someone who's going to kick my butt. Do you have anything that's like that for you? Because I am telling you I will swap buck kicking if it helps you to get your project done and keep you accountable because I've got to bust through this procrastination on this project, he's big and just make that trade with somebody, but pick someone who is like they've got skin in the game. They're going to hold you accountable. They're not gonna let you off the hook. Number eight setup, incremental rewards too. Often, we just plow through our projects and we finished them without ever taking the time to. To experience the reward a finishing it like, you know, good. It feels when you check a box on your to do list, I did that like I put brush my teeth on my listen. I did that like I will put things on my list just because if he was really good, Demark them off and I know you do that too, but the reason why we do that is because it keeps momentum. It keeps energy. You can't see my hands right now, but I'm like doing the circular motion. I'm bobbing my head because it's like, what's the phrase? I'm gonna blow it, but an object in motion stays in motion. I know he just blew that, but it's true like a creates a snowball effect this momentum. So like once you start checking things off your list, that feels good. And the same is true of your big projects. The problem is we don't allow ourselves to celebrate milestones like we're a quarter of the way through or well, at least I've finished this part of the project. We don't give ourselves permission to celebrate it until the whole thing's done, which means you don't get that reward and your human being. It's like Pavlov's dog. We know that humans and dogs both respond to rewards. That's how we build habits. We build momentum, excitement, motivation. So rather than giving or not giving yourself permission to celebrate until the whole thing's done. I want you to celebrate all the individual little milestone. So again, to return to the subject of me writing this book is it's the biggest project. Most recently I had finish every time I finished a new chapter, we would celebrate. So I would promise myself that I wouldn't work on it anymore. That weekend or that day depending on when I finished the chapter and that we would celebrate so Brittany, we would either go to dinner or he would make a special dinner here at the house, and I would have glass of wine and just we would literally celebrate it and I didn't use to do that used to just beat myself up until the whole thing was done. And usually by the time, the whole big projects done, I didn't celebrate it because I knew there was another big project that was waiting in the wings. Things. So I didn't have the ability to celebrate it or feel good about it because I felt so much pressure to do the next thing. I don't live my life that way anymore. It's a slower pace..

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