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I get a little passionate because the truth is uplifting it is inspiring and you don't always get an opportunity to to have a dialogue with people who disagree with you but that's what they do before we get into our special segment i have one other news negative i call it what an idiot at what a burger chain you noticed i've changed it around a little bit from the title that you gave me i called it what a booker why did they idiot at what america police are investigating after eighteen says he was verbally attacked at assaulted at a what a burger restaurant but wearing a make america great again hat maga it was a sixteen year old kid let me tell you what that sixteen year old kid had the class to do he took the high road it turns out somebody in the restaurant through that drink on the kid well that's waste of a drink that he just bought number one but the kea took the high road and in the article he talked about just because you disagree with who asa port does not give you a right to want to try and salads or harass me do you think maybe that person who took that liberty go to jail if the kea press charges he's going to jail do you think maxine waters comment about harassing trump supporters in probably has anything to do with it you can think i happen to think that it basically is causing a lot of people wanna do idiotic stuff like that now i'm not a person who lives my life scared but i just want anybody that is even pagan about trying to harass me aw map family because you don't agree with my support of president trump and the results that we are getting beware i have a georgia conceal and carry license that's not a threat is just for information purposes don't mess with me don't try to harass my family don't try to harass my.

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